4 Cool Selfie Drones of 2017 – You Must See

AirSelfie Ultimate Portable Flying Camera Drone
AirSelfie Ultimate Portable Flying Camera Drone

Tired by one armed selfie or the selfie sticks? Need not to worry, just say thanks to the technology because now we have an extraordinary and reliable replacement for selfie sticks and the traditional way of taking pictures. Selfie Drones are the New Future of Taking Selfies. As you know selfie are the new trend in the youngster. These Selfie Drones will change the era of taking a selfie with the smartphone as it makes easy to take wide images or we can say it makes simple to take selfies in different situations. Here are the some Cool Selfie Drones you must check out…

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So starting with

Cool Selfie Drones of 2017


AirSelfie Ultimate Portable Flying Camera Drone
AirSelfie Ultimate Portable Flying Camera Drone

Airselfie is for those who love taking pictures, who wants their pictures to be one of the best quality photograph and for those who wants to capture the entire world while capturing themselves. Air selfie is one remarkable change in the world of selfies that has lead “picture taking “at a different level. A level where photography is technically advanced, and on an amusing note a person can have fun taking pictures.


Kudrone Palm-Sized Drone With 4K Camera
Kudrone Palm-Sized Drone With Camera

Kudrone is by far the most affordable drone available in the market right now. But its affordable price doesn’t mean that there is a compromise in its quality or functionalities. This palm-sized drone has professional-grade specs for all skill levels. With its 4K camera, you can take photos or record videos like a pro. The picture quality is really very good. Features like a magnetic compass, sonar hovering assistance, vision positioning sensor and GPS make this device a must-have for everyone.

Micro Drone 3.0

Micro Drone 3.0: Flight in the Palm of Your Hand
Micro Drone – One of the smallest Selfie Drones

Micro Drone 3.0 is packed with so many functions despite having such a tiny frame. It is the most advanced drone we have seen so far. This device has brought new technology and functionality in the world, that too in a minuscule package. Features like dedicated long range remote, smartphone control access, HD video recording, FPV mode and social media integration are enough to convince any gadget lover to buy it. And not to forget the modular design technology which can allow anyone to use it without any hassle.

PhoneDrone Ethos

Phonedrone Ethos
Phonedrone Ethos

Phonedrone Ethos is compatible with the low-cost smartphone, and the cost of the device is affordable, which is the key selling theme. The device is perfect for the aerial shoot and aerial photography, in case if you don’t want to invest in high priced drones, this fully automatic tiny drone gadget is a must buy.

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