Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets that can Make your Life Easier #2

Smarter your Life with Jibo Robot

Hi Guys Nick here from, and here is the Second Article of our Upcoming Gadgets series, where all new upcoming gadgets will be shown in their working condition. We are trying to do something new, so hope you guys may like it.

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So starting with

Jibo Robot

JIBO, The World's First Social Robot for the Home

Jibo works like any home assistant that you might have right now. Connect it to the WiFi and it will start fetching your information. You can teach it to recognise your voice and face, but what makes it a unique home assistant is, its ability to be a social robot, which is very impressive.

There are two cameras with the ability to recognize and track faces, it can also capture photos on command and do video calling. And unlike any personal assistant, it can help in daily pro-active chores like cooking your favorite recipe.

What makes Jibo different from any other home assistant, is the AI algorithm that constantly learns about you. The more you talk, the more it adapts to your lifestyle. Natural language processing of this device is written very beautifully.


Kniterate Digital Knitting Machine

Kniterate is a knitting machine that is digitally connected to your computer. Just like a printer. Now, in order to create your choice of cloth, you have to create your own design. And unlike any other printer, you just have to give an instruction to knit. After a few final touches, your cloth is ready to wear.

Kniterate is very different than any normal stitching machine because it doesn’t cut any raw clothes. Rather than, it actually creates everything from scratch like some digital weaver. So what you need is some different color of yarns, like wool and silk and you’re good to go.

The device will create your designed clothes from scratch via Kniterate software, which will help you in designing the clothes and setting parameters for stitching, creating multiple arts and much more. It basically transmits your design to the machine in a format of K-code, which is nothing but some instruction on where to knit and where not.

Zungle Sunglasses


The Zungle Sunglasses has built-in bone conduction speakers, which can transmit sound waves directly to the skull via vibrations. This means you can listen to music while wearing these sunglasses even though there’s nothing in your ears. It also has a built-in mic with which you can make phone calls. No need for any additional earphones or headphones with these jungle sunglasses. Just use this cool sunglass.

These stylish sunglasses look exactly like any ordinary wayfarer sunglasses, but all its functionality are hidden inside very well. It’s working is quite simple. Just wear the sunglasses, connect your phone via Bluetooth, and that’s it. You’re done. You can communicate with your friends or listen to music without hurling your phone out of your pocket.

The MotherBox

Get TRUE Wireless Charging 🔋 on your Phone with The MotherBox

The MotherBox is very easy to use. Place the MotherBox receiver on your device. Connect it to MotherBox with their mobile application and done! Keep your device charged wherever you go.

The closer the devices are to the charging pad, the faster they charge. The MotherBox and the MotherBox mini have ranges of up to 20 inches and 10 inches. The MotherBox should have to be connected to an outlet, while the MotherBox Mini features a rechargeable battery that can be used on the go.

Everlast Notebook

Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets that can Make your Life Easier #2 2

The notebook works with a pen from the pilot frixtion line, which is easily available online or at any store. Write on the pages and if you want to erase them, all you need to do is wipe the pages with a wet cloth (dry cloth and hand will not work for erasing). The pages of Everlast looks and feels like exactly like a normal paper but they are actually constructed by a polyester composite.

Now, the question that comes to our mind is, when we are writing and erasing to writing something else, then how can we recover of our lost notes? So, the answer is very much simple all the things that your write or draw on Everlast notebook are stored on cloud.

The notebook comes with a matching Rocketbook app. Using patent-pending image capture technology, the Rocketbook app accurately and quickly captures and sends your notes to pre-configured cloud server like Google drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.

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