Get TRUE Wireless Charging πŸ”‹ on your Phone with The MotherBox

Get TRUE Wireless Charging πŸ”‹ on your Phone with The MotherBox

Addicted to surfing, watching shows, checking Instagram on your phone? But is low battery stopping you from doing all this? Or short cable wires are stopping you from sitting on your comfy bed? Not anymore. We now have the perfect solution for all your charging problems.

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The MotherBox is a true wireless charger, which doesn’t need any physical contact for charging. It can charge multiple devices simultaneously and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. No one can stop you now from using your phone. Even when it is charging. Cool right?

How does “The MotherBox” works?

The MotherBox is very easy to use. Place the MotherBox receiver on your device. Connect it to MotherBox with their mobile application and done! Keep your device charged wherever you go.

The closer the devices are to the charging pad, the faster they charge. The MotherBox and the MotherBox mini have ranges of up to 20 inches and 10 inches. The MotherBox should have to be connected to an outlet, while the MotherBox Mini features a rechargeable battery that can be used on the go.


  • No point-to-point contact needed; Truly wireless.
  • It can charge both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Works without any hindrance and obstruction.
  • Can charge multiple devices simultaneously.


Get TRUE Wireless Charging πŸ”‹ on your Phone with The MotherBoxTechnology is advancing day by day. There’s a new invention every now and then, and MotherBox is the perfect example of this. The device will help you stay powered at the places and moments you need your phone charged the most. Isn’t it amazing?

Not only this, the MotherBox Mini can send you notifications when its battery is running low and allows you to set preferences on when you’d like to charge. If you ask me, then I just looked at future of smartphone charging, that’s something.


You are getting all these amazing features in a single gadget which isn’t even pricey. What’s else do you need? Preorder now at an early price of 79$ from Yank Tech hopes to ship the first wave of products in September later this year.

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