3D Print your Clothes 👕at Home using Kniterate Digital Knitting Machine

Kniterate Digital Knitting Machine

Tell me how many times have you went shopping for clothes? The correct answer is infinite. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if there was a device that can create clothes of your size in a jiffy? Well, don’t worry for that because we might have the perfect solution for clothing and designers. Kniterate is a digital knitting machine that can create wearable cloth just like a 3D printer. That’s just awesome.

How does “Kniterate Digital Knitting Machine” work?

So far, Kniterate is a knitting machine that is digitally connected to your computer. Just like a printer. Now, in order to create your choice of cloth, you have to create your own design. And unlike any other printer, you just have to give an instruction to knit. After a few final touches, your cloth is ready to wear. That’s it.

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Kniterate is very different than any normal stitching machine because it doesn’t cut any raw clothes. Rather than that, it actually creates everything from scratch like some digital weaver. So what you need is some different color of yarns, like wool and silk and you’re good to go.

The device will create your designed clothes from scratch via Kniterate software, which will help you in designing the clothes and setting parameters for stitching, creating multiple arts and much more. It basically transmits your design to the machine in a format of K-code, which is nothing but some instruction on where to knit and where not.

Why should I buy it?

3D Print your Clothes 👕at Home using KniterateWell, if you’re a fashion designer, then this is a must-have product for you. The device is very expensive, so it wouldn’t be the best idea if you’re starting your clothing company just now. We are not sure if this device will be a success in the large manufacturing process but for the early birds, such as designing, it is good.


Since it is a start-up. The device is not available at e-commerce website such as amazon but it is available worldwide with a shipping charge from Kickstart.com. The retail price of the device is 7499$ but you can buy in less if you hurry; they are offering discounts.

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