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Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets that can Make your Life Easier #1

Hi Guys Nick here from, techniblogic.com and today we are going to start a new series, where all new upcoming gadgets will be shown in their working condition. We are trying to do something new, so hope you guys may like it.

So starting with


Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets 2017

Titan Note

Change The Way You Take Notes with Titan Note Upcoming Gadgets

Titan Note basically records everything and converts it into text. It also keep tracks of who is speaking, so your notes will always be organized. Just put the stylish device at the front, press record and let it do the job.

We can store our ideas more accurately and quickly whenever we want. I must say this transcription gadget has several eye-catching functionalities. It also has a portable speaker which has ‘Crystal Clear’ sound so you can also listen to the music, take calls, charge your phone and much more. If you in case forget to take Titan Note somewhere, you’ll immediately receive a reminder on your phone.

reMarkable Paper Tablet


reMarkable is basically a 10.3-inch tablet with an E-Ink display and a pressure sensitive pen, capable of detecting 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity just like real paper. This device is a hybrid tablet with the combination of an e-reader and a tablet, which is specially designed for taking notes, drawing sketches or reading documents and other lots of things.

It can display ebooks, PDFs, and documents, allowing you to work as a blank notebook for writing or sketching. It doesn’t have any app store or browser so no tweeting or checking Instagram, only reading, writing or sketching. But the experience which we get will be great, as it doesn’t affect your eyes and give you the paper feel while reading your favorite book or writing on it with a pen.


Superscreen – Supercharge your phone with a 10.1″ HD display

Superscreen is a device connected with your phone that means while having this device your phone will be still beneficial to you and your urge of big screen will be also fulfilled. Now, just consider you have a tablet and all of your work is done on that and now your mobile phone is of no use to you. So the extensive money that you invested on your phone honestly, it will be a total waste.

Having a separate tablet and a mobile phone will definitely cost you much. But having a Superscreen that is functionally equivalent to a tablet can cost you less.

So, my suggestion. If you want the tablet experience at low cost, carry a lightweight device and you also do not want to make your phone feel unwanted. Then you can go for this device.

TRAVIS Translator

Travis features techniblogic

Travis the translator will be very much useful for all travelers, who wish to travel the entire world but fail to communicate with different regional people because of the diverse language barriers. This device can also be useful for business merchandise so that the goods and products can be sold through entire world as the sellers can now communicate with people in their language. Most importantly the device is easy to use, just one touch and you are done. This device beats the Google translation app when it comes to battery backup. The battery of Travis lasts for 12 hours, so keep talking and keep communicating.



Welle works as a handwriting recognition system. Which means it has sensors to recognize your handwriting on any surface. And in the case of Welle, it is a Sonar sensor. The Sonar technology is widely used in the field of military and automotive drones. It basically transmits signal pulses and collects the reflected energy back from the targets. So once the Signal are collected back, they are translated into an instruction and then those instructions are directed to the IoT devices, for examples smart lights or Google home assistant.

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