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Yeelight Crystal Motion Sensor Ceiling Light Mini – CHEAP & BEST?

Yeelight Crystal Sensory Light-Mini is an amazing and unique device, that will help illuminate your home automatically when people pass by. The Crystal Mini has a small and sleek design, that will make it a versatile asset for any home. It is compatible with various contemporary styles of homes and could be a valuable addition.

The Yeelight Crystal Sensory Light Mini has a durable 0.8mm backboard and a strong frame made of SPCC steel plate. The device comes with a high colour rendering index value of Ra90. The colour rendering effects get better if the colour rendering index value gets more lose to 100. The Crystal Mini can be placed in various places such as walkways, patios, porch, balcony and more to capture the true, natural and vivid colours of the home.

Yeelight Crystal Motion Sensor Ceiling Light Mini

The Crystal Mini requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. It has an insect-proof design that makes it unique. The device uses a Fresnel Lens and infrared sensors to automatically detect motion and turn on when people pass by. The light will also automatically turn off if it senses no motion for 60 seconds. The infrared sensor has a 150 cm radius, which provides accuracy. The Crystal Mini also features a light sensor to detect daylight and helps in saving electricity by turning off during the daytime.

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The Yeelight Crystal Light Mini is recommended to illuminate an area of 10 m^2 or less. The device has a quality design which is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. The safety is maintained via the use of professionally wired protective internal wiring splice casing, that also increases durability. The device has a colour temperature of 5700K and a brightness of 670ml. This device would definitely be a good addition to a smart home. You can buy this Brand New Yeelight Crystal Motion Sensor Ceiling Light Mini from Amazon.in at INR 2,599.

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