Your Phone is Displaying Your Location – How to Stop it

Your Phone is Displaying Your Location – How to Stop it 1

During the lockdown, it’s pretty obvious that we’re using our phones and computers and your phone is displaying your location everywhere you go. For me personally, my phone is with me everywhere I go, even though these days it might just be from the bedroom to the kitchen and back.

Your phone is being tracked by the GPS at all times; it’s sending signals about your geographical location at all times, whether you have your GPS on or off.

In fact, turning on your GPS isn’t that simple as it seems, for iOS users, you have to enter your password just to turn it off. Still, there are many things that you never know about GPS.

Is turning your GPS off all the time a good idea when your phone is displaying your location?

Your GPS is important for many things; if you’re active on social media applications like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. your GPS is being used to calculate your location and there is a lot of personalization efforts taking place on the back-end as well.

Whether it is snap chatting filters, games on the Appstore, Facebook locations, messenger locations, etc. your phone is using your GPS at all times.

Is there a way to change your GPS location without being somewhere different?

There is software available that can trick your phone into sending the GPS a different location; this software is called spoofing software and it does just that.

iMyFone AnyTo iOS Location Changer is a location changing/spoofing software that has been specifically designed for the iPhone to help users to keep their geographical location private.

What are the advantage of using spoofing software?

Where safety is a concern, spoofing allows you to ward off any kind of stalker or criminals that might want to use your geographical information to cause you or your children harm. With the world being so interconnected and always online, you can be easily tracked and there are not a lot of things you can do about it.

You can use spoofing software for different apps on the Appstore; there are a bunch of games that use your location to give rewards and complete tasks.

Your children are safer if they’re spoofing their information; many apps use the location information and some apps can even display that information to people. Ward off any sort of creeps that are looking to do harm to your children and keep them safe.

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Your Phone is Displaying Your Location – How to Stop it 2

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Your Phone is Displaying Your Location – How to Stop it 3

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