Zebronics Launched A New Mechanical Keyboard; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Zebronics Launched A New Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keypad unlike any other in India, ZEB Max Ninja 200 is the latest innovation from Zebronics, a market leader in IT and gaming peripherals, sound systems, consumer electronics, mobile accessories, and more. The keyboard has a strong construction despite its small 84-key layout and transparent frame, which, when combined with the various RGB settings, creates an infinite RGB effect.

It has three different settings (Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz RF, and wired) and supports simultaneous connections of up to three devices over Bluetooth. This keypad is ideal for people who use a variety of platforms, as it works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

The Zeb-Max Ninja 200 is an excellent keypad for anyone who needs a quick reaction time, be they gamers or professionals. The keyboard features OUTEMU Red Switches with Hot Swappable Switches, which have a lifetime of 50 million inputs and provide a satisfyingly haptic experience even after prolonged use. Key movement of 4.00.2mm and luxury PBT-keycaps combine to create the best typing experience. The Windows option, which enables users to play games without interruption, can be enabled or disabled.

The keyboard’s portable battery and power display mean you can keep typing for weeks or months without fretting about running out of juice. An additional Z keycap, switch replacement tool, and USB to Type C connection are all included with the keyboard.

Mr. Yash Doshi, the company’s director, had this to say about the launch: “The public in the gaming and lifestyle business is constantly changing in terms of their requirements. Zebronics offers goods that lean toward gaming but are also popular in other areas, satisfying the growing demand for stylish RGB mechanical keyboards among a wider audience than previously served. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now it’s finally here: the release of our brand-new Premium Mechanical Keyboard, the Zeb Max Ninja 200. This keypad will increase your efficiency and satisfaction in all your endeavours, from gameplay to business. As a whole, Zebronics plans to expand its Gaming inventory to include more premium goods in the near future. The company aspires to be “Always Ahead” in all of its product categories.

The Zeb Max Ninja 200 will be sold on Amazon for the low, low price of Rs. 4499/-, and that’s just the initial price!

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