Zeon Lifesciences’ Unique Intelicaps Technology Disrupts Probiotic Production

Zeon Lifesciences

Using cutting-edge Intelicaps technology, global leader in nutraceutical and herbal product production Zeon Lifesciences is pleased to announce a major advancement in the production of probiotics.

Zeon has revolutionised the production process for probiotics, making them more robust and efficient than ever before. Zeon Lifesciences has used cutting-edge Intelicaps technology to encapsulate living bacteria in a protective covering, allowing them to produce probiotics with all the health advantages that have been well recognised for years. This cutting-edge method guarantees the viability and transport of probiotics to their target inside the body, where they may maximise their beneficial effects.

Zeon’s production method now incorporates Intelicaps, setting a new benchmark for how probiotics are made. The method also protects the bacteria from harmful environmental conditions including high temperatures, high humidity, and high acidity.

This means that the many advantages of Zeon’s probiotic formulations may be enjoyed by the customer right up until the moment of consumption.

A distinctive milestone

This major accomplishment places Zeon Lifesciences at the forefront of the probiotic manufacturing sector as the only company capable of fully realising the vast potential of Intelicaps. Using this revolutionary technology, Zeon Lifesciences has established itself as the industry leader, far outpacing its rivals and setting a new standard of excellence.

We are proud to share our ground-breaking advances in probiotic production, which set new benchmarks for efficiency. By using Intelicaps technology, we were able to remove the stumbling blocks that have previously prevented probiotics from reaching their full therapeutic potential. Mr. Suresh Garg, CMD and Founder, Zeon Lifesciences Ltd., added, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Zeon Lifesciences is the only player in the industry to have embraced and effectively employed this unique technological marvel that will disrupt the probiotic industry.” 

Zeon Lifesciences has recently made headlines by announcing its entry into the Indian pet health market with the release of a groundbreaking range of veterinary nutrition products. Conveniently accessible in powder, spray, and liquid oral versions, the extensive product selection focuses on many areas of canine health, including overall wellness, bone and joint health, and skin and coat health.

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