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Zvolv launches “Z-wall” generative-AI orchestration engine And LCNC Hyperautomation Microservices Platform 3.0

Along with the launch of version 3.0 of its micro-services Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) platform, Zvolv has unveiled new generative AI capabilities. Z-wall, the company’s latest piece of middleware, will allow for more corporate automation and app development by including native support for using generative AI in cutting-edge business applications.

There has been an upsurge in the use of generative AI to boost productivity, better decision-making supported by data-driven insights, or enhance the experience of both customers and employees, but there are still issues with privacy and scalability.

The security issue will be handled by integrating Zvolv’s hyperautomation microservices architecture with the Z-wall AI orchestration engine. To help their consumers achieve the promise of generative AI in a safe and reliable manner, it will enable companies to swiftly implement the world’s greatest AI and automation capabilities in their goods and services.

According to Hardik Gandhi, CEO of Zvolv, the next three to four years will see the development of over 500 million corporate applications, the great majority of which will be AI apps. He went on to say that future AI applications will have far more conversation-based GID (Get it Done) capabilities than the current point-and-click-based DIY (Do it Yourself) capabilities. Applications used in the workplace of the future will need to match the degree of intelligence and experience that users have come to anticipate from generative AI in their personal lives.

AI applications may be made naturally smarter, more efficient with increased automation, and, most importantly, give a human-like conversational user experience by using the general and fine-tuned intelligence in LLM (Large Language Model) models.

According to Sujoy Chakravarty, Zvolv’s COO, generative AI enables an aided build experience by enhancing the company’s LCNC builders. As a result, non-professional programmers may soon be able to create fully functional apps with sophisticated AI-driven automation in as little as ten to twenty hours.

Putting privacy, security, and ethics at the centre of the transition, Zvolv’s use of generative AI will allow businesses to create AI applications in a matter of hours with little developer involvement.

Zvolv’s Chief Revenue Officer, Sri Srinivasan, recently discussed how the advent of Generative AI applications would allow businesses to streamline operations and respond more quickly to market shifts. When compared to re-training or re-skilling human personnel, re-training an AI programme to adapt to a modern procedure will be considerably quicker and less error-prone.

Assistant Vice President at Lenskart Varun Juneja predicted that in the future, Generative AI would drive business transformation across all functions, from retail expansion to provide better insights and planning to procurement for better-managing on-boarding, evaluation, and contract automation to human resources and finance to improve the employee and partner engagement experience to logistics for automating the tracking and proactively identifying and reacting to bottlenecks.

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Yash Sharma
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