5 Apps That Will Improve Your Home Management


Taking care of your home is often the most demanding task you face with. The main issue here is that proper home maintenance is something you have to do daily. However, sometimes you just can’t find inspiration and strength to perform those repeated, dull actions. Luckily, some of those actions can be automated or planned in a better way with some cool apps.


Grocery IQ for Shopping

On some occasions, you go to the grocery store more than once a day. And if you don’t live alone, but with a partner or children, the need for various groceries only gets bigger. The Grocery IQ app can help you direct and focus your shopping sessions. The app relies on its resourceful database that contains a wide range of products. Shoppers can search the database via voice search and barcodes, in addition to text searches. When the list is finished, you can save it for later use. That way, you can always have a ready-made list for routine purchases, made at regular intervals.

CareZone for Healthcare

When you have to take care of your children or elderly relatives, it might happen that you forget to give them medicines or miss an appointment in the hospital. The pressure and stress induced by everyday tasks can create a chaos in your head, no matter how responsible a person you really are. However, the CareZone app will remind you about the most important health information on your dear ones. You can take photos of pill containers or medicine bottles and store them in this app. In addition to that, you can note down every important date in the app’s calendar and keep yourself organized.

The Bark for Dog Care

Having a dog is a widespread trend in many developed countries. They’re loyal and easily maintained pets, which makes them suitable for all sorts of households. So, if you have a dog and want to master some simple or more complex skills regarding their training, treatment and socialization, The Bark app (and the eponymous magazine) is the right option for you. You’ll get regular updates on the latest findings related to those beautiful animals. Besides that, it usually brings practical vet tips, as well. The app is free, but subscription on the magazine and downloads are charged.

Apart from The Bark app, you can use other handy pet apps that can help you a lot in treating your pet with greatest care.

Smith: Home Remodel, Improvement and Repair

Home maintenance is a special set of exhausting works. Some of them are to be done daily, while some more demanding ones can be performed annually or once in a few years’ time.  For instance, when you decide to give your walls a new coat of paint or improve the staircase, you’ll need software assistance in searching the contractors. The Smith app will inform you on the available local contractors for your needs, as well as on their rates. From skillful carpenters to reliable builders, to experienced shed movers and other workers, this app can connect you with professionals for a variety of house works. Just upload the photo of the area you want to redo, add a short description of all the works you’d like to do and wait for the most affordable offers.


You Need a Budget (YNAB) for Finances

If you want the previous four home management features to function properly, you have to ensure enough assets. The YNAB app has a user-friendly interface that makes the entire process of keeping track of expenses and planning a home budget fast and simple. The user allocates funds for loan installments, monthly bills, special expenditure or any other category they add to the app. When an unplanned expense appears, you can redirect that amount of money from another category.

What’s more, when you cross the limit in a category, the app paints the problematic category red. Now, you have to redistribute assets from another category, to regain the balance. That way, you have an instant insight into your financial perspective at every single moment.

Home management doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck in the modern times. These apps will help you reduce the amount of stress you’re exposed to and organize your life in a simpler, yet effective way. Also, it will free some space for me-time and increase the general quality of your life.

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