Buying an android smartphone is indeed something to look forward to. Sadly, a lot of users are obsessed with tampering with the open source and end up playing with its hardware extensively. It results in a completely new form that may or may not be as stable as a standard Android stock ROM. However, overloading an Android phone with extra processes, animations and completely changing the skin may show off your tech skills but it makes little sense to create a smartphone that rarely, if at all functions smoothly. You may actually have to update it more than once in order to start using your smartphone without any hitches whatsoever.

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Unfortunately, the vanilla edition (100% pure stock ROM) is virtually unseen now. You may have to settle for a phone that contains the nearest possible look and feel of an Android stock ROM at present. Check out the top Android phones that fit into this category and choose the one that appeals to you the most. Good Luck!

5 Phones With Almost Pure Android Stock ROM

1Google Pixel

Google Pixel XL 2 'Taimen', Pixel 2 'Walleye' Full Specifications Revealed

2Moto Phones

Motorola Moto G5 and G5 Plus

3ZTE Axon 7

ZTE Axon Elite design - techniblogic
Image – trustedreviews

The Axon phones offer a great MiFavor interface that is light and easy to use. With the stock ROM Android theme being the default one, the MiFavor theme store includes many more options that may help you to make your phone look zazzy. You would definitely opt for this phone that unites the best of both worlds. A standard stock ROM from Android and a less onerous process with very little options displayed that can leave you utterly confused.

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4HTC 10


5OnePlus 3T




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