OnePlus 5 to launch this Summer – New Beast is Coming!

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OnePlus’s the company that makes their present in the market with some awesome high-end products that too in very affordable pricing. The first device which they launched oneplus one is still one of the best devices which we have used. After that, they launched oneplus 2, Oneplus X, Oneplus 3 and even after that more high end and better version Oneplus 3T, which just make a groundbreaking sale in the global market. It is a true Flagship of 2016, which we have already covered in the review.

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So, the company is almost ready to launch their another flagship in the market Oneplus 5 this summer, and I am sure this is going to break some other records by adding 8GB Ram in it which is leaked online.

There are a lot of rumors about Oneplus 5 in the market. The company has skipped the flagship name from Oneplus 4 to Oneplus 5 because number fours are considered as unlucky in China. Rest their might some myths too about it.

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Previously this week, OnePlus 5 was seen listed on an online retail site from where we can assume almost all the specifications, price and availability which is June this year. According to the listing, OnePlus 5 is going to price at $449 which is roughly about Rs. 28,800 in Indian currency. As per the listing, it is going to be available in 128GB and 256GB version. The leaks of Oneplus 5 is also claiming that the phone will be having to feature a horizontal dual rear camera setup.

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Based on the rumors, OnePlus 5 is expected to have Snapdragon 835 with 5.5-inch QHD display. We are assuming to get 6GB of RAM with 128GB storage model whereas 256GB storage with 8GB of RAM. Rumors also clarify, that Oneplus 5 will be having a dual 12-megapixel sensors (standard RGB + monochrome).

Rest, we need to wait for this summer to get the Device out in the market. Hope to get some really great bang from them. Let see what gonna happen.

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