Best Phone under 10000 Rs in India | August 2017

Want to buy the best phone under 10000 Rs? There are lots of options in the market. These best mobiles under 10000 Rs are not just best fit in this price, but some of them can even perform as good as flagship smartphones with the higher price point. No matter which smartphone will you choose, you will find here the best phone in this price category. This list of the best smartphone under 10k Rs in India which offers excellent value, and will even hold their own against upcoming smartphones. Let’s check out the best phone under 10000 Rs.

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Here are the Best Phone under 10000 Rs in India

1Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Rs 10,000)


2Redmi 4 (Rs 6,999)


3Moto E4 Plus (Rs 9,999)

Moto E4 Plus and Moto E4 Launched in India

4InFocus Turbo 5 (Rs 6,999)

InFocus Turbo 5 with 5000mAh Battery

5Coolpad Note 5 Lite (Rs 8,199)




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