5 Reasons Why Handwriting Remains Important in the Digital Age

Reasons Why Handwriting Remains Important in the Digital Age

We spend a lot of our time tapping keys on a keyboard these days but this is hardly a way to show your personality or add a personal touch when writing a message to someone.

In contrast, when you have one of the stylish range of Lamy fountain pens in your hand, for instance, you will instantly find that handwriting is an art that delivers many unique advantages and is still very relevant as a utility in a digital age.

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There are many functional and creative advantages to writing by hand. Here are some good reasons why handwriting remains very relevant today.

It is still an integral part of the educational system

Kids might have laptops in the classroom and use smartphones too, but it is worth remembering that handwriting is still a primary tool in the educational system.

Good handwriting skills are still highly prized and considered to be an asset. When you see handwritten work that is very neat and legible you can’t fail to be impressed.

A great way to achieve creative flow

It can often be hard to get the creative juices flowing when your hands are hovering over a keyboard and you are trying to think of how to write something creative and original.

When you put a pen in your hand and have a notepad at the ready, it can often be the case that you find it easier to write more creatively when the words are flowing from your pen onto the paper.

There are notable cognitive benefits to consider

It has been shown that handwriting has a positive impact when it comes to honing and reinforcing your language and reading skills.

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It seems that when you write by hand your brain has the right amount of time to be able to think about the spelling and structure of your words and sentences.

Handwriting can improve your memory too. These cognitive benefits are well worth hanging on to in a digital age.

An important cultural reference

If you think about the role that handwriting has played in history you can see why it is a skill that still retains a high level of cultural relevance and importance.

Your handwriting defines you and your cultural background. That is not something that you want to lose lightly.

Free yourself of restrictions

When you are brainstorming and searching for new ideas and inspiration it is really hard to think as freely when you are typing your ideas into a word document compared to writing down things as they come into your head onto paper.

A blank page doesn’t stay that way for long when you have a pen in your hand. That is not always the case when you are looking for inspiration in front of a keyboard.

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Handwriting has been a critical cornerstone of many civilizations. That still holds true today despite the alternative option of using a digital medium.

There are many compelling reasons why handwriting is still a uniquely important skill in a digital age.

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