Acer Subsidiary Altos India Introduces Strong And Cutting-edge Workstations & Solutions for Indian Market

Acer Subsidiary Altos India

In response to the growing need for high-performance computing solutions in India, Acer India’s affiliate, Altos India, has introduced a series of innovative workstations. In order to show their dedication to providing clients with complete solutions, including commercial hardware and integrated software development to fulfil the ever-changing demands of the industry, executives, IT professionals, Partners, and industry experts from Altos India attended the launch event. The areas of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and HPC are of particular interest to Altos India.

Among the new Acer solutions and Workstations Available are:

In addition to the Altos Accelerator Resource Manager (AARM) management platform, Altos aiWorks provides a selection of Altos BrainSphereTM AI systems, including servers and workstations. Automatic resource allocation makes it simple for users to meet the demanding processing needs of AI and data science applications while also improving business processes and maximising results.

AltosCloud VDI/IDV/VOI: With AltosCloud VDI, institutions of higher learning and businesses may create state-of-the-art remote desktop access solutions using the most up-to-date VDI software platform and powerful Altos BrainSphereTM servers. They may boost the adaptability of their workspaces, acquire a competitive advantage, and better serve their customers by doing so.

AltosCloud HCI is a software-defined system that integrates compute, storage, and networking resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure. It will help streamline data centre operations, boost performance, and save expenses. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), mission-critical software, and private clouds are just some of the places where AltosCloud HCI may be put to work.

The Altos Smart CCTV is a state-of-the-art video monitoring and analysis system that makes use of cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML. Users may be notified of questionable activity, individuals and cars can be tracked, and information about client behaviour can be gleaned.  Altos Smart CCTV may be used in a wide range of environments, from shops and malls to public buildings and banks.

Services, workstation, and thin client from Altos; furthermore, the Brainsphere. Data analysis, virtual desktops, and advanced workstation features are just some of the many services that can be accessed via Altos Brainsphere, a cloud-based service for enterprises. The company’s resources may be accessed quickly and safely from any internet-connected device thanks to its thin client technology.

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