Amazing Seat with Temperature Control Feature


ThermaCool Comfort Seat is an all new backup solution for air conditioning in trucks and buses.

Heavy vehicle drivers can finally relax with the seat comforter technology being launched for the purpose of making driving smoother for those guys. The functionality of trucks in a society such as ours can never go unmentioned as it lays the foundation for productivity and competitive efficiency, contributing to the speedy economic development of the nation.

The Thermacool Comfort Seat aims to solve that problem with regard to the discomfort thus caused, at least. General Motors USA and Dhama Innovations have together developed and patented this new product that at an affordable price structure is one of the first & finest temperature controlled automobile seaters.

The product is reasonable and is designed to keep its driver at a comfortable temperature range between 14°C and 50°C. The vehicle’s battery, consuming only 40 W and has little or negligible effects on the mileage in general.

The day to day basis account of our average truck driver should give us about 300km/day worth of travelling and drive-through. On such days of transportation, climate can play a pivotal role. If the weather condition is not favorable, it is but natural that the driver’s being will be negatively impacted. The psychological condition of the driver is at turmoil, while the body may or may not fall weak in the adverse conditions, thus effecting productivity and possibly causing tragic mishaps. Now the ThermoCool Comfort Seat gives stability to the driver which results in better conditions such as better focus, increased efficiency, less fatigue, alertness and retention.


Simple calculation will tell you that the average driver covering 300kms/day will witness around 1000 km of annual improvement or INR 45000 of enhanced business potential with even 1% improvement in its overall performance.

With the heavy increase in road accidents caused by the trucks lately, the Government of India is willing to adapt different strategies to reduce crashes and increase driver comfort. The Motor Vehicle Act is also rumored to undergo an amendment, making it compulsory for manufacturers to include air conditioners in the driver’s cabin of all new trucks sold from April 1st, 2017.

In the given conditions and especially considering the above opinion, ThermaCool Comfort Seat is a good option to consider that can be expected to even out things and offer promising solutions.

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