How to backup Windows Live Mail to Outlook?

How to backup Windows Live Mail to Outlook?

Sometimes it is hard to imagine being without email as it is embedded into our work and personal lives. Everything ranging from bills to shopping receipts to business matters are implemented via email, so the question is could you cope if you lost it?

There are multiple messages your inbox is having going back years and they include crucial information such as login details for websites, contacts, business information and etc. Dealing with data loss is frightening thought and it is essential that you should do a backup before any critical situation happens.

Email can be stored online like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail as well as offline like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, and Thunderbird. The difference between online and offline is that when our messages stored online, it does not matter which computer, tablet or smartphone you use because you can always access your mail except when things go wrong. And moreover, there is no service guarantee that you will not face any data loss, it could happen. Also, there are chances that your account may get hacked and you lose access to your webmail. On the other hand, if your messages are stored offline on the computer then also chances of data loss is high. Because we don’t know when crises suddenly occur. For example, you replace a faulty disk drive or purchase a new computer then how will you transfer your email to it? Fortunately, email files exist in disk drive is easy to back up and move from one computer to another

Backing up emails in Windows Live Mail is important as backing up your crucial documents and photos. And moreover, you will not be able to back them up unless and until if you don’t know where they are.

Windows Live Mail is freeware email application provided by Microsoft. It is an update of the previous version of Outlook express and Windows Mail. Windows Live Mail enables to send and receive emails and allow to set up webmail account within it along with improved features. You will get to know that all the features and menus are similar to those of Windows Mail and Outlook Express. It not only just take features from Microsoft Office and Outlook but also gets some from Hotmail, like proficient to share photos over email by creating a photo album.

As Windows Live Mail is rich in features and due to its easy working process, any user can easily operate it. It stores several email messages, contacts, notes etc. so sometimes it become necessary for us to backup Windows Live Mail data file. Another question that strikes in Windows Live Mail user’s mind about how do I backup Windows Live Mail files?

How to backup Windows Live Mail files?            

Below are the directions for backing up emails in windows live mail on a computer with Windows 7 OS. But the directions work on other versions of Windows OS and Windows Live Mail as well. All Windows Live Mail contacts, e-mail messages, and account settings will be backed up.

Before the backup Windows Live Mail data, it is necessary to create folders on the computer where the backups can be saved. In My Document folder, create a folder called WLM backups and within that folder, create an individual folder of Mail, Contacts, and Messages.

Steps to backup Windows Live Mail data

  1. Backup Mail account settings

  • Open Windows Live Mail application
  • Click the Arrow present on the top left corner of Windows Live Mail
  • Select Export Mail and click on Account
  • Highlight the mail account you need to backup
  • Click on Export
  • Browse to the Mail folder that you created earlier, provide a descriptive name to a file and click Save.
  • Repeat the process for every email account which is configured on your computer
  1. Backup emails messages

  • Open Windows Live Mail application
  • Click the Arrow present on the top left corner of Window Live Mail
  • Select Export email >> click on email messages
  • Highlight Windows Live Mail format >> click on Next
  • Browse the folder you created previously and click Next
  • Select all folders and click on Next
  • When done with backup process >> click finish
  1. Backup Windows Live Mail contacts

  • Click contacts on the lower left of WLM
  • Click Export option present at the top of WLM >> select Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • Browse to the contacts folder you created earlier. Give descriptive name to the contacts file >> Click on Save button >> Click Next >> Click finish

Note: Computers can easily crash anywhere anytime. This is a great time to take backup Windows Live Mail data so that they can be stored safely. You can copy your Windows Live Mail backup data on USB drive or any external drive for safe keeping.

Sometimes user goes through a situation when the Windows Live Mail backup data which is crucial to them stored on the computer and them unable to read them due to many reasons like switching to the different operating system or different email application. Many Outlook users try to read Windows Live Mail data but they failed because Outlook does not support Windows Live Mail format. To overcome this complicated situation, users start to search a solution in order to backup Windows Live Mail to Outlook. You can apply Windows Live Mail Converter which can quickly backup Windows Live Mail to Outlook in a matter of seconds. 3. It automatically detects the location, extract backup Windows Live Mail data and then converts Windows Live Mail to Outlook with attachments and other information.

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