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Is your VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) file corrupt and repeatedly thinking about how to restore files from VHD file? Now, do not need to think about this anymore, here is the solution that will help you to recover VHD corrupt file from Hyper-V virtual drive by providing VHD Recovery Software.

Have you ever make use of or create VHD i.e. virtual hard disk file? If you are not familiar with this term, I will help you to understand what exactly a VHD file and what it is used for. I will also talk about the VHD file corruption, and the causes why a VHD file gets corrupted. And as a final point the last but very important part will come in which you will learn how to repair VHD file. Read further to know more..

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It is experienced by everyone, even the most fastidious of technicians will face a tragic data loss that can, and several times will, cause a loss of revenue within the organization. In a virtual environment this will become even more difficult as the method for getting the system(s) online has more complicated reinforcement that leads to a dependency upon applications that may or may not be the instrument important for recovery. That being said, in the worst of scenarios in a virtual environment the data store or VHD file is deleted. This in and of itself is not a bad thing as you can recover files from corrupt VHD drive if easily be handled through the recycle bin tool. As, the VHD file size is usually large rather the large recycle bin is ignored and the file has no real clear way to recover data. Although data recovery software has the method for recovering deleted files that are no longer in recycle bin, there are still times, more often than not where even this becomes impossible.

In order to represent a virtual hard disk drive, MS Virtual PC generates a file in VHD i.e. virtual hard disk format. Whatever the data exists on your physical hard disk drive such as boot record, disk partitions, file systems, files and folders, the same content can be saved in VHD file. In virtual machines, a VHD file is primarily used as a logical disk.

Virtual Hard Disk make use of .vhd file type that acts the same like your hard disk to store crucial information on virtual environment. Users can effortlessly mount VHD like your physical hard disk and copy files from and to the virtual hard disk. Similarly physical drives, VHD files can also get affected to corruption. When corruption arise in VHD file, it cause enormous troubles to the users in accessing their valuable information, when in need. Strong VHD Disaster Recovery Software is considered the safest and quickest way to recover VHD corrupt file.

The actual issue arise when the users is desisted to access or mount any .vhd files on the virtual machine. Because of all this, the users is restricted to open Hyper-V attributes and hence the stored data files become inaccessible. One such VHD file corruption error message is discussed below:

Failed to open attachment ‘C:\ directory \MyVHD.vhd’. Error: “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”

There could be number of reasons for VHD file corruption, but this error message particularly appears when Hyper-V VHD files get corrupt. Some of the reasons are:

  • Faulty/corrupt files in physical disks
  • At the time of transferring .vhd files using poor/faulty networks

But if you wish to trace the actual reason of corruption, then you have to go to the root which can cause corruption. In many situations, the main lead to the loss is caused because of stated reasons like unexpected unavailability of network or not connecting the storage at the time when virtual drive was being moved or generated over the network.

Moreover, when there has been a kind of expansion in the disk or the switching process takes place from one to another disk, then also such type of issue appears. Also, the common case of VHD file corruption is the installed programs of anti-virus or other external encryption application available on the host system.

Manual Resolution to recover VHD Hyper-V data

In order to overcome with VHD corruption issues, you need to have the recent and clean backup and then you can try to restore VHD files. In case, there is an enormous data corruption than the restoration activity may take elongated time than usual.

Try to fix up the error by implementing the below mentioned instructions:

  • To the parent partition mount .vhd file
  • Use CHKDSK for repairing
  • Utilizing Hyper-V verify the integrity
  • Add VHD file to IDE controller and press the Inspect button
  • Combine any virtual hard disk file and verify that you are able to open them through Windows 7, server 2008 etc.

You can also try free VHD tool provided by Microsoft that automatically repairs the corrupt .vhd file.

Professional Assistance, best and quick solution to recover and restore corrupt VHD file

If in case, you are not able to accomplish the desired results using manual and free methods, then reliable third-party VHD recovery tools is an ideal choice  to recover a VHD file from all types of corruption and inaccessibility issues.

Hyper-V VHD Recovery software is an advance recovery application to restore files from VHD file various types of corruption scenarios like hard disk crash, virus attack, faulty physical storages, formatted, hard disk partition damage, deleted VHD files and all other reasons. The tool is ideal for all Windows platforms including Windows 98, Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and Windows 8. The tool comes with trial version with the help of which user can easily check the functionality and working process of the application.

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  1. One can also try Kernel for VHD data recovery software to deal with all kinds of corruption issues related to the virtual hard disk. The software is capable to retrieve data from both FAT and NTFS partition of virtual machines.

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