Pen Drive Recovery Software: Recover Deleted Data from All Pen Drives


Nowadays, computers are easily accessed in every field like business, education, entertainment, banking etc. Computer helps to reduce human efforts and workloads. It stores all its data in Hard Drive, which is processed in RAM. But if we need to migrate data from one device to another, we use USB devices like memory card, pen drives etc. are used to save and transfer data.

Pen drive is a portable USB flash memory device. It is used to carry an application which easily runs on host system without any installation. These are removable and re-writable devices and physically much smaller than optical device. It is named as pen drive because it has retractable port connector similar to ball point pens.

How users lost their precious data which is stored in pen drives?

Losing pen drive data is not a big deal for pen drive users, because of being exposed to various machines. This leads to high corruption risk in pen drives. There are various reasons which leads to data loss.

  • Virus infection: Virus is a major issue for corruption of data, if a user connects pen drive with a system which is affected by virus. Then there might be a situation, which may enter in your pen drive and leads to corruption of data which is stored in pen drive.
  • Data deletion by mistake: Sometimes users accidentally delete all data by press shift + delete button and delete all the data., which leads to data loss
  • Format error: Occasionally when users connect their pen drives with the system, it gives them popup message error i.e. H: drive is not formatted, format it now” and when user click on format button, it results loss of all pen drive data.
  • Direct pen drive removal: After data transferring completion is done. Then users don’t eject the pen drive properly, which leads to corruption of data from pen drive.

pen drive recovery software

User Query:

“I am having a pen drive which works well. Then suddenly I receive a format message and I formatted it. But now when I am opening my pen drive it is empty. I lost all my important data so, can anyone suggest me the easiest way to get back all my data.”

Effortless Solution:

There is a rapid and a quick solution to retrieve all your lost/corrupted data i.e. Pen Drive Data Recovery software. It is a professional and proficient tool to recover all your lost, deleted, corrupted, formatted data etc. It is easy to access as it has simple graphical user interface, which makes easy to operate without any technical expertise. Software offers an option of data filtration, which makes easy for users to restore the specify files and folders according to user’s choice. The tool easily recovers all the data from FAT and NTFS file system without any error. Not only this it is easy to access on any Windows based OS. It supports all Windows versions like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 etc. User can retrieve unlimited amount of data without any issue.


By utilizing Pen Drive Recovery Software users can easily recover all lost/deleted data from pen drive if you get stuck in a problem. It is a time saving tool to access and gives accurate result with no any error.

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