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The Best Android TV Box Apps Of The Past Year


Are you looking for the Best Android TV Box apps? There are numerous apps for Android TV Box that it is difficult to know which ones to download. Whether you want to an app for watching movies and TV show or for organizing media, these are must-have apps.

Best Android TV Box Apps

Let’s take a look at the best Android TV apps of the previous year.

1. Netflix

netflixOne of the best apps of the previous year is Netflix. It is one of the most popular video content apps. With Android TV Box designed for TV, there are some apps that are TV-ready. Netflix is one of those apps that allows you to stream movies and TV series. You are required to have a Netflix subscription to enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows.

2. PBS Kids

PBS Kids - The Best Android TV Box Apps Of The Past Year

Another great app for TV Box is PBS Kids. This is a must have app for those who have children. PBS Kids will be a new toy for your kid as it is perfect for preschool children. The programming of the app is free and it includes children’s favorites like Sesame Street, Curious George, and Wild Kratts.

Moreover, the app is intuitive, simple and colorful that children can operate themselves. It provides educational videos to inform the kids about different things. Along with this, there are videos that are just for fun to entertain the kids.

3. Kodi

Kodi video player techniblogicKodi is another best app for TV Box is that is a home screen replacement app. It is an open source media player that lets you play local content on any device. This is specially designed for TV use that has anattractive and simple interface. Kodi is a great app as it brings all your apps and media in one place.

It can be used through a remote that makes moving around the media very easy. If you have stored a content locally, you can watch it through Kodi. This app is free for all users.

4. Plex Client

Plex Client - The Best Android TV Box Apps Of The Past Year

Next on the list is Plex Client, it is an organizational app. It organizes all your media such as photo, music and video collection. Plex Client provides you instant access to your files on all your devices. This is an all-in-one media sharing server that uses you PC to share content to any device. It acts as a faux-server that uses your PC as a media hub that grants access to the media. Furthermore, the Plex Client features different built-in content channels such as BBC iPlayer that you can use.

5. Twitch

Twitch - The Best Android TV Box Apps Of The Past Year

Twitch is one of the popular apps of Android TV Box for streaming and watching video games. This app enables you to follow and watch your favorite content creators. More and more people are shifting from watching TV to watching their favorite streamers. E-Sports is one of the biggest phenomena in recent years and Twitch has a huge role in its success.

Therefore, these best Android TV Box apps are great for entertainment and organizing your media. What app did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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