11 Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

Best Website to Download Movies for Free

In case you are looking for a Websites to download Movies for free, we have curated a short list for you that you can refer to at any time. Most of these websites have been in action for years, if not a decade. You will gain access to most of the popular movies across any genre in the following resources we will discuss. 

Are websites to download movies for free safe?

The websites are safe to use, but if you are skeptical about the same, feel free to use a VPN that helps mask your identity on the internet. And one of the resources mentioned below is a link to a YouTube channel

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A majority of these sites may have loads of ad pop-ups, which you can avoid using a decent ad-blocker. 

Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

1. Internet Archive

Best Websites to Download Movies for Free

This website has a basic layout with lists and genres on the home page. It has a very minimalist and ancient feel to it. There is a collection of over 40,000 movies on this website. It is one of the best websites to download movies for free. Internet Archive is one of the best websites to download movies for free.

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Feel free to use the search bar to find the title you wish to download. The movies are listed year-wise, genre-wise, and collection-wise, as well as who created them. In addition, this website hosts other content such as texts, images, audio, etc. 

A large variety of feature films, short-format films, silent films, and comedy films make up a decent list you can surf through. 

2. MoviesFoundOnline.com

websites to download movies for free

If you want to watch free stand-up documentaries, movies, short films, or animations, Movies Found Online can help you with that. It is one of the best websites to download movies for free.

It has an extensive collection of movies that are up for grabs and can be downloaded whenever you want. In addition, it has a YouTube-like theme going around the website with a thumbnail of the show or the clip you were looking for. Another great thing about this website is that it has a chronological order of shows and movies arranged in some parts, making it easier to traverse through the whole collection. 

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It hosts an extensive collection of short films, series, and documentaries across categories such as thriller, sci-fi, romance, etc. 

3. Popcornflix

websites to download movies for free

This is a YouTube channel that has over 800 videos published on its channel. They claim it to be the destination for streaming high-quality, full-length movies and TV shows. 

They have a variety of collections containing the following categories: comedy, family, romance, horror, drama, thrillers, sci-fi, documentaries, and so on. The YouTube channel is frequently updated every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

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If you want a more extensive collection of movies, feel free to download their application, available on Amazon FireTV, iOS, Android, Chromecast, and AppleTV. It is one of the best websites to download movies for free.

4. WeTV iflix

websites to download movies for free

This portal has a modern look and feel to it regarding user experience. The graphics are minimalist and resemble a typical online streaming platform. Nevertheless, it seems to have a large collection of movies and TV Shows on its platform that you can access for free. We TV iflix is one of the best websites to download movies for free.

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It is primarily focused on drama series and anime in case that is something that tickles your mind. However, they have a variety of C-Drama collections along with anime series that you can probably try watching in your spare time. It is one of the best websites to download movies for free.

It provides you with three languages – Chinese, English and Thai. 

5. SMovies.me

websites to download movies for free

It has a decent collection of free movies you can watch online. The only drawback is the number of advertisements and pop-ups you will encounter. So make sure that you use an excellent ad-blocker when using these websites to download movies for free. 

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It does have over 15 categories of movies that include – Horror, Family, Adult, Animation, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action, Romance, Reality TV, Western, and more. 

It provides a separate channel type list on its website categorizing movies as per their popularity. You can easily find the most popular film of the year. 

6. YTS

websites to download movies for free

YTS has been one of the coldest places on the web to download movies of the highest quality possible. It allows for up to 4K downloads of some movies as per the availability. 

The portal has the most extensive collection of high-quality movies available for download on the go. It may have lots of ads and pop-ups here and there, but a good ad-blocker will resolve that short-term discomfort anyway. It is one of the best websites to download movies for free.

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YTS allows you to browse movies in 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4K, and 3D quality at the smallest size available. In addition, it has a separate section where you can go through the list of trending movies. 

7. 1337X

websites to download movies for free

This is another site on the web where you can download torrent files or magnet links for the movies you want to download. 

Like YTS, this website has a similar collection of movies across all genres that you can download for free. Again, ensure you type in the right keywords in the search bar. You will be able to find a lot of TV shows and documentaries as well. It is one of the best websites to download movies for free.

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The quality of the movies can vary from 720p to 4K per your need. It has a category list, making it easier for the user to navigate the website. Some categorization has been done under Anime, Documentaries, violence, etc.

8. Katmoviefix

websites to download movies for free

This is another excellent websites to download movies for free or streaming movies or episodes. The quality of the film can range from as low as a handheld recording to HD-quality crisp visuals. 

The latest movies and TV shows are already on the top of the home page list, making the navigation experience smooth for the user. The content is available across multiple languages. There’s an added movie request page where you can drop in your request if your choice movie is unavailable on the portal. 

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There is a vast collection of Hindi Dubbed movies and Animation movies for download. However, the ads and pop-ups are a bummer, so don’t forget to use an ad-blocker. 

9. Housemovie.to

11 Best Websites to Download Movies for Free 4

On the website Housemovie.to, you may download movies in any language and watch them for free. They provide a really easy and efficient way to download movies. To begin downloading the video, simply click on it, choose the format you want (several are available), and press the download button.

That is as simple as it gets! This website has every kind of movie you could possibly want. If you haven’t already, check out Housemovie.to and other similar websites; very few are as simple to use as this one!

10. O2tvseries

The website O2tvseries offers a huge selection of free movies in various genres, from drama to comedy. If you have a certain item in mind, you can search by genre or title. If you want to watch a movie in a different language, the series is the place to go because it is available in many different languages. Moreover, every movie in the series is free! These films are already available for you to see, so there won’t be any fees associated with them.

It’s reasonable to say that this is a must-visit website if you’re looking for excellent information without having to pay any money at all since it has had more than 5 million downloads in only one year.

11. Toxicwap

Another mobile-friendly website that lets you download the newest films to your computer or mobile device for free is called Toxicwap. It’s actually among the earliest websites for downloading mobile movies. You can quickly select the kind of movie(s) you wish to download from the internet, whether it be an action movie, TV show, K-Drama, anime, or another genre.

It’s necessary to remember that after you choose the movie you wish to download, the Toxicwap website will take you to a different website. Additionally, there are multiple pop-up advertisements that attempt to impede your download; yet, downloading movies from Toxicwap is unlimited and free of cost.

Final Thoughts

All the resources mentioned above will get your job done. Out of all the resources mentioned earlier, you can rely on YTS to deliver the most extensive collection. If you are unable to find a particular movie or TV show, put in a request to the respective support team of the website. If you liked our content, do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Read more such content on Techniblogic.

What is the safest free movie website?

For those skeptical about the safety of various unknown websites, a well-known and overall trusted source of free movies is YouTube.

Can I watch full movies for free?

Apps and sites like Moviesfoundonline.com, YTS, and YouTube all have free movies online for you to stream.

How can I download movies on my phone?

If you’re an Android mobile device user, movies can be acquired, downloaded, and ultimately viewed using the Google Play Store and a compatible media player app.

How do I watch Netflix for free?

Netflix does not offer free trials, but you have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time if you decide Netflix isn’t for you. 

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