Top 5 Brain Exercise Games For iOS – Best Brain Training Games for Memory

Best Brain Training Games for Memory

Most of us like to play games on our phone in our free time or when we are bored. Some people choose action games and others go for adventure games or games that help them improve their cognitive function. In this article, I will be discussing the games that can help you to improve your memory, response time and logic skills. Like our body, our mind to needs a workout and there are many brain games available that can give your mind the workout it needs. Here is the list of top 5 Brain Exercise Games for iOS.

Best Brain-Training Games for Memory

Brain School

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This game includes puzzles, challenging math questions, logical questions that will help you boost your memory and will help with your mental skills. This game is based on a school theme with 4 years where each year has a different set of games with 5 levels. The player needs to score A+ grade at each level in order to pass the years. Like in school, a report card is being generated at the end of the year. In this game, you can also access reports of how well you have performed each year.


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It is also one of the best games that can help you improve your mental skills. This game tests areas like attention, memory, problem-solving and creativity skills.  There are over 35 games which include creating words from the letters displayed, painting tiles based on the numbers in the columns and rows. This game contains 4 workouts for free so that you can test yourself each day with something new. The pro version of this game has 16 workouts and unlimited access to 45 games and relaxing challenges.

Left Vs Right

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This game lets you train/exercise both side of your mind. These games test your memory, reflexes and reasoning. It contains 49 games divided into 6 categories. There are lots of challenging games- For eg. In one game you have to memorize items that customers order and then recall who ordered what, whereas in some games you need to watch the shapes moving and select the fastest one. Though this game is available for free you can subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan that gives you all categories each day, plus it also gives the progress report.

Brain Dots

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It is a physics-based puzzle game in which you only need to bump the two dots. You can use any tactics be it drawing lines, shapes or whatever is necessary to get those two dots together. This is an enjoyable game and while playing it you really need to brainstorm yourself. In this game, you not only get the chance to play in various levels but also you get a chance to make your own stage/levels for other players to try.

Tricky Test 2

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Tricky Test 2 is yet another brain challenging game that requires some witty and cunning thinking. It consists of unique brain teasers. The tricky part is that you will find the answer is somewhat obvious but the answer is not that easy to comprehend. You receive five lives in total and you must pass the levels in order to move forward.

My Thoughts

Sometimes it is good to have a break and keep your mind fit with a game. Though the above mentioned all the 5 games are best brain exercise games, yet I would personally recommend that one should go for Tricky Test 2. The reason for choosing Tricky Test 2 is that, if in this game you can finish 111 trivia quizzes in 120 minutes, you will be pronounced as a genius.

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