7 Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps To Use In 2024

7 Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps To Use In 2024

You can download videos quickly with the finest Facebook video downloader software. Facebook is the most popular social media platform for sharing and creating content. This app allows you to communicate texts, movies, photos, and more. The app has a variety of video genres, and occasionally, you may feel the desire to download these videos.

The problem is that Facebook does not allow you to save or store films in your gallery; if you want to accomplish this, you must use third-party applications. But how can you decide which app to download when there are so many options? This is the point at which we become involved. We’ve included the best Facebook video downloaders in one post, so you may use them at your convenience. Now, let’s get started.

Top Facebook Video Downloader Apps

Now, let’s explore the top Facebook video downloaders for 2024.

1. Video Downloader For Facebook

Facebook Video Downloader

The Facebook video downloader is the last item on our list. It is among the most excellent apps for Internet HD video downloads. It has become more dependable due to its user-friendly interface and options for accommodating many users. With the help of this programme, you can quickly download and share videos from Facebook groups, entertainment pages, and feeds. Moreover, use the history feature to keep track of the videos you’ve downloaded over time.

2. FileMaster

Facebook video downloader

In addition to being among the most outstanding programmes for downloading Facebook videos, File Master also serves as a neat spot to store all your unsavoury items. With this programme, you may download videos, keep your files, organise them, and do much more.

3. FastVid

Facebook video downloader

With FastVid, you can download videos in a couple of minutes, regardless of their size or format. The application offers a vibrant and intuitive user interface, making it simple. This is among the most excellent Facebook video downloaders available, and it doesn’t keep track of your previous downloads. Therefore, the movie you download from the app stays anonymous.

4. All Video Downloader

Facebook video downloader

As its name implies, this program allows you to download HD videos in any format and from any platform. Additionally, you can choose the video’s quality. You can pause the download if you need more internet speed. You can pick up where you left off with the video download later.

5. MyVideoDownloader


One of the most excellent Facebook video downloaders available in 2023 is MyVideoDownloader. You may download HD videos with this app. Moreover, this software lets you download videos and GIFs from other platforms. With this app, you can also keep track of the videos you’ve recently liked, saved, and viewed.

6. VideoHunter for Android

6. VideoHunter for Android

VideoHunter is a well-known Android app that can download videos from multiple streaming services, such as Facebook. This programme allows users to add videos to their photo collection, guaranteeing high-quality and quick download times.

Thanks to this application, users can choose their favourite resolutions and still download videos in their original quality. These resolution options vary depending on the video’s original quality, from 8 K and 4 K to 1080P and higher. If you save an 8K video, VideoHunter guarantees that the original quality will not be lost during the download.

7. 4KDownload

facebook videoDownloader

One highly regarded online video downloader explicitly designed for macOS is 4KDownload. This tool allows you to download videos from a variety of social networking sites. This tool makes downloading Facebook movies to your PC simple, and then you can use AirDrop or other iOS file transfer software to get them to your iPhone.

The downloading procedure is simple and quick. Copy the video URL from your browser and use the app’s “Paste Link” feature. 4KDownload will immediately detect the video link and extract it from your clipboard. After that, choose the video quality you desire and start the download.


Now that you know the best video downloaders, we hope you like using them and can download videos in any format or quality. Additionally, these programs can help you download videos from a variety of other platforms. So choose your best option now.

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