Best Free Article Rewriter Tool Online 2019 – Free Paraphrasing Tool to Use!

Best Free Article Rewriter Tool Online

Article writing can sometimes tend to be a demanding task for writers, like this one or the one that you’re going to write after reading this. To ease the job, most writers tend to plagiarise sentences, which indeed is a violation of copyright acts, most people have a habit of paraphrasing it and honestly, it’s a gruelling task for writers too. So, at this point what can one do to rapidly get this done? In this Article I have mentioned Some of the Best Free Article Rewriter Tool Online that you can use.

What is an Article Rewriter?

An article rewriter or spinner is a very simple tool that function of one concept; synonyms. Yeah, we can say that it actually analysis the sentence and changes some words into their closest synonyms. It keeps the original meaning of the sentence but in a new format. Which means avoiding plagiarism and keeping your content unique. The tool works on different technologies including AI, natural lounging synthesis, speech analysis etc. but to get these advanced features you might have to pay a sum of money.

Top 5 Best Free Article Rewriter Tool:


Article Rewriter Tool - Free Article SpinnerOne of the most widely used SEO tools websites offers a very distinct Article Rewriter. Once you have selected the paragraph it breaks-down it into sentences and change the wording most suitable to the article format. The API smallseotools is using has a very good library to make sure that content doesn’t lose its voice.


Best Free Article Rewriter Tool OnlineThe newly founded has a very basic article rewriting tool, it analysis the sentence and change the wording into proper synonyms. What’s lacking in nimtools is some premium API, which could be added in future but so far, they have some of the best free Article rewriting tools.


Probably some of the best article rewriter that offers a lot of possibility for its user. The software is available free as well as for premium elite version that professionals can use. It offers multiple method and techniques just to rewrite the words. Also, with the premium package, you get some of the best article rewriting suggestion.

  1. - Article Spinning, Text Rewriting, Content Creation Tool.Article writer tool may not be the best tool out there but they have a simple interface, quick results and accuracy in sentences, which is enough for a free article rewriter. You might have to stop your ad blocker to open the website properly.

My Opinion

Okay, article rewriter is not the way one should approach in content writing. It drops the original voice that the writer has, and as a reader, it sometimes creates an impediment in reading and understating. However, if you’re approaching such tools for college assignments or for some particular paragraph that shows a tiny bit of plagiarism, it may be fine to cheat. As per my opinion, I have found the smallseotools article rewriter very pertinent and accurate, professional may use spinnerchief for their feasibility. That’s all for this guys, stay tuned for the next update.

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