5 Best iPhone Accessories for 2019 (iPhone 11, 11 Pro) by Belkin India


Belkin has recently launched and introduced a range of premium accessories for iPhone 11 series. All the accessories feature the “Made for Apple” certification. This simply means that the accessories have met the developer standard for Apple’s performance, safety, and regulations. Here is the list of few accessories by Belkin India:

Must-Have iPhone Accessories 2019

Rockstar lightning Headphones

Rockstar lightning Headphones by Belkin IndiaThese headphones come with lightning connector and are built to deliver high-quality sound. The headphones offer comfort and operate on water-resistant and noise reduction technology. It comes with a price tag of RS. 4999 and is the ultimate high-performing Lightning audio solution for iPhone 11 users in the market today.

Boost UP wireless charging pad

It is a 10W charging pad which is optimized to deliver fast wireless charging. The wireless charging Pad is designed to work with lightweight plastic cases up to 3mm. As soon as your smartphone is connected to this charging Pad, a white LED light is turned on. An amber light is an alert for you that there might be the presence of a foreign object. It comes with a price tag of Rs. 4499 and AC adapter is not included.

Boost charge USB -C Cable with lightning connector

Boost charge USB-C is an elegant designed cable which is compatible with USB power delivery. This is an ideal companion for your fast-charging USB chargers. The cable supports fast charging for iPhone 8 or later products with an 18-watt or higher USB-C power adaptor. This product can charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes or sync photos, and videos to a USB-C enabled laptop. The cable comes with an additional 1.2m length of cable, which is 33% longer than standard USB cables with lightning connectors that allows flexibility while charging. It comes with the MRP of Rs. 2499

Screenforce tempered glass for iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro Max

Screenforce tempered glass for iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro MaxThese tempered glasses are designed in such a way that they are stronger than regular tempered glass. Screenforce Tempered glass provides resilient, hard-wearing protection for your phone display.  This tempered glass retains the smooth glide and feel of the screen. The glass is tested extensively to deliver the brightness, sharpness, and clarity that users expect from the iPhone 11 series accessories. The tempered glass is priced for Rs. 2999 onwards.

Screenforce InvisiGlass ultra privacy screen protection

It lets you enjoy the full-screen privacy in portrait mode. It keeps all your emails, texts, and sensitive content protected from prying eyes.  To share photos and videos with friends, you just have to simply flip your phone to landscape mode for an unobstructed view of your screen. This protector is created with micro louver technology.  This technology is an advanced 2-way side filter to reduce vision from a 30-degree angle for the ultra-privacy needed in business users. It is priced for Rs. 2999 onwards.


The accessories by the Belkin iPhone for iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro Max premium accessories come with a 2-year warranty. These products are available at Amazon.in and offline via select Apple Premium Resellers.

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