Top 5 Best Notes App For Android That Make Your Life Easier!

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In our daily life, we find many situations where we need to write down or remember certain information. It’s not always possible for us to have a pen and paper with us. But there is nothing to worry because we have got this little gift of technology with us all the time; our smartphones. So, in order to retain this data or information, we make use of notes app that is provided by default in some of the smartphones or you’ve to download them. So, if you’re a sort of person who needs to take notes at regular intervals, let us help you out with the best notes app for android in the market.

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Top 5 Best Notes App For Android

  1. Evernote

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Evernote is one of the most popular and used the app. The thing which makes it so popular is the variety of features it comes up with. First of all, notes here does not mean only text format notes, it supports a variety of formats like sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and more. Other than that, you can sync your account with Evernote and get access to your notes anywhere anytime. You can also share your notes which is a great feature. In addition to this, you can also set reminders, plan events and can also prepare business related draft and presentation. Overall it is an amazing app with all the feature one can expect in a note app.

  1. Keep

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Keep is a note application provided by Google. It is used to make notes, lists, and reminders. Like Evernote, it also supports the sync feature, thus making your notes accessible to you anywhere. One thing that you’ll love about Keep is that you can dictate the note and it will transcribe it for you. Thus making it even more comfortable for you. Not only you can take photos as notes but also draw on photos. All you’ve to do is capture ideas and just unload them to Keep.

  1. Microsoft One Note

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Microsoft has always provided us with the utility software that helps us to maintain our data in an organised manner. Microsoft One note is an amazing application which will make the process of taking notes much more expressive. It’s great because not only you can use it to take notes but also use it while meetings, brainstorming sessions, or to draw people’s attention towards important points. It provides you with a layout where you can organise many things in a single note file. The app is amazing but its size is a bit high as compared to the other apps mentioned here.

  1. ColorNote Notepad Notes to do

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ColorNote Notepad is a bit different from other apps mentioned here. The thing which makes it different is its simplicity. It does not provide a variety of features but serves the purpose for which it is made. You can add notes, reminders, checklist here. As the name suggests, you can customize your different notes with different colours, thus making your notes more presentable and unique.

  1. To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Tasks

[appbox googleplay com.anydo screenshots] is a decent note taking the app with some pretty amazing features. Using it you can take notes, set reminders, checklist, etc. It has got a sharing option which will make you and your team member share a common task list which will result in the better execution of your project. It has got the sync feature to make it accessible to you in all your devices.

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All the apps discussed here can easily be downloaded on Google play store. If you take notes on regular basis, Evernote will work for you. If you work in a place where you constantly need to take notes and present them to others, you should probably go for Microsoft One Note. Keep and are similar but with Keep, you can also transcribe, so choose accordingly. If you just want to take notes and make checklists; nothing too important, then ColorNote Notepad would work completely fine for you. So let us know about which one of these did you like the best. Be open to those creative ideas and keep notes.

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  1. Its good to use evernote if you want to note somethings but others are not much helpful rather you can do that develop your own app and know the cost required for it to develop.According to users requirement develop the app and use it for your business.

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