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Top 6 Best Standalone Firewall Software For Windows 2019

In the 1990’s, Windows faced a number of security problems that hackers were quick to misuse. To solve this problem, the firewall came into action. A Firewall software is used to block malicious and/or unwanted network traffic, obviously to secure your PC. Though Windows has a great built-in firewall, it lacks at some point. And that is when third-party Firewall kicks in, they are developed by security professionals and are much better in filtering the data compare to traditional Firewall.

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Top 6 Best Standalone Firewall Software For Windows


This firewall software connects to DefenceNet and provides a real-time security update as new threats are detected and it offers an extra tool for Wi-Fi security. The latest version of this software hides open ports identifies traffic and disables malicious programs. It also provides a real-time protection to your computers on public Wi-Fi networks and gives 5GB of online data backup via IDrive. You can download it from here.

Comodo Internet security

This software offers an effective solution with easy sandboxing to stop malware in its track. It allows users to control permissions for different networks, and users can also create rules for specific programs too (like allowing incoming traffic, outgoing traffic, both, or neither). For more faster and safer browsing the Comodo Free Firewall changes your DNS (domain name resolution service) provider to Comodo Secure DNS. You can download it from here.



This firewall software is different than most of the other firewall programs because instead of blocking a single program it blocks the whole list of IP addresses under certain category types. You can make your own list of addresses to block. PeerBlock blocks your access to—both outgoing and incoming connections as per the list of IP addresses provided to it. It means that any of the listed address will not have access to your computer in the same way you will not have access to their computers. PeerBlock is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. You can download it from here.



Glasswire is a well-designed, information-packed firewall which is used to boost your security. It allows you to monitor the programs which are sending and receiving data over your network, and how much data is being sent or received, making it easier to identify anything unusual. Though the free edition of this software is perfect for basic use, the premium version of this software offers more advanced features like monitoring of your webcam and microphone, monitoring multiple remote connections, and storing records for more than a month. You can download it from here.

Outpost firewall pro


This firewall software is comparatively hard to use and programs in it no longer get updated. As soon as Outpost is installed, it starts protecting your computer against all kinds of internal and external attacks. It allows you to add personalised programs to the block/allow list and define IP addresses and ports to allow or deny as well. It offers Anti-Leak Control feature which prevents malware from sharing your data via untrustworthy applications and also lets you monitor the network activity in real time. You can download it from here.


It is a neat little app which gives users extra control of Window’s own firewall without requiring any expert knowledge. The best thing about TinyWall is that it does not interrupt you with the pop-up warnings. It focuses on improving Window’s own firewall features and it offers the same features as other packages which further ensures that the application you are currently using can get online without any difficulty. You can download it from here.


In the above-mentioned firewall software, the best firewall software that I personally recommend is the Zone alarm. The reason for choosing Zone Alarm is because it is so good that it is beaten in effectiveness only by very few other firewalls that come integrated with their internet security solution such as Bitdefender and ESET. Although, if you’re still using the Windows default firewall, that’s fine. It is classic and it does its job. Tiny Wall is also a good option as it takes up only about 1MB on your hard drive.

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Please know that these third-party firewalls are mainly for security professionals, who are looking forward for more customization, IP filtering, domain blocking, port forwarding etc.

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