Best Bass Earphone in India? – Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd In-Ear Headphones!

Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd In-Ear Headphones

The German audio company Beyerdynamic launched a new headphone Beat Byrd, which looks just like any regular earphone. The earphones are robust, durable and give powerful sound. It is ergonomically designed that will perfectly fit into your ear.

The Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd is an in-ear style earphone that is exquisitely designed and delivers stunning sound performance. It offers well-balanced sound tuning with an enjoyable punchy bass. The Beat Byrd is backed by a pair of 9mm dynamic drivers positioned inside each earpiece. The in-ear headphones can operate across a frequency of 15Hz to 21KHz and carry an impedance of 18 ohms.


  • Well-balanced sound tuning and punchy bass
  • Flatly shaped housing ensures secure and snug fit in the ear
  • Flexible and well-designed cable remains free of entanglement and is pleasant to wear
  • True reliability and extremely sustainable

Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd In-Ear HeadphonesThe Beat Byrd features a flexible, 1.2m long TPU cable with a Y-split at the end. However, what separates it from other earphones is the unique shape of the earpieces. The housings on the Beat Byrd are flat, ensuring that buyers opting for the headset that perfectly fits into their ear. The buds do not protrude out of the ear canal and thus pleasant to wear while relaxing or sleeping. The earphones opted for a flexible and relatively thicker cable design compared to most of the earphones in the market. Thus, this well-designed cable remains free of entanglement and also limits the cable noise to a minimum.

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It comes with three pairs of ear tips in the sizes S, M and L that allows fitting seamlessly into your ears. The ear tips are made of soft and silky silicone that allows you to enjoy the best possible sound reproduction. The earphones are extremely sustainable as the ear tips and protective grilles can be easily cleaned or replaced. The spare parts for all replaceable components of the device are available in the company’s online shop.

Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd In-Ear Headphones

It is a simple stereo headphone that doesn’t offer a mic or a remote to control volume. This means you’ll have to use your smartphone to change the volume levels or skip between tracks. The focus is only on those who want simple, but good sounding earphones just for a tablet, laptop or media player. The Beat Byrd is lightweight measuring just 5 grams without the cable.

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Priced at Rs. 2,199, the Beat Byrd is a budgeted earphone that sounds fantastic and is extremely comfortable to wear over long hours.

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