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Best Mi Bluetooth Speaker in Budget? – Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker!

Xiaomi has stuck with the smartphone production in India but its gadget manufacturing in China is humongous, there is a stream of gadgets lined up to yet arrive in India and one such gadget is the; Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth speakers with its classic appearance and round shape. The device supports handsfree call and is light-weight. It promises super portability and makes it easy to hear music at a compact price as well as compact shape. The 2W audio driver facilitates with a sound louder than any ordinary single speaker.

The main highlight of the device is the Bluetooth V4.0 technology, which makes it compatible with most of the Bluetooth enabled devices including iPhone 6SPlus, 6S, 6, 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 etc. The powerful range covered by the device can be up to 10 meters in an open area. The built-in-microphone provides the facility of Handsfree phone call. It’s also loaded with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and offers a four hour of continuous playback. The battery has a capacity of 480 mAh with a charging time of mere two hours.

Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth

Apart from the specification, the device is designed with professional care, powerful immersive sound. It has an aluminium alloy body featuring an elegant look and it is also available in three classic colours. The colours comprise of Champagne Gold, Gray and Silver. The package contents of the device contain The Original Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker along with a Chinese manual. With all the versatile features enwrapped in the device, the user can find its use in the office, home, party or outdoor. So, take your favourite music anywhere, play and enjoy with this pocket speaker.

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