Xiaomi Mi Neckband Earphone (Young Version) – Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones 2019?

Xiaomi Mi Neckband Earphone (Young Version) - Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones 2019? 1

Xiaomi, the stellar Chinese electronics company always surprises us with its exquisite gadgets in order to make our lives easier. The company promises great technology at an affordable price and delivers the same. One of the latest devices from the company is the Xiaomi Mi Neckband Earphone, the Bluetooth Earbuds Young Version. The device comes in two colour variants – Black and Orange.

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It comes in a very elegant design and is the continuation of the classic collar type micro arc design. The lines are smart, stylish and comfortable. The ergonomic design serves versatility by providing lightweight (only 35 g) and comfort in wearing. It can be used to answer phone calls, give Google assistance command and also work along with classic Bluetooth mp3 player. Lightweight TPE material collar offers subtlety and flexibility, that is, it can be rebound if it is bent a lot. It has anti-slip skin-friendly properties and is sweatproof and waterproof.

It is compatible with PCs, iPhone, iPad, Mobile phone, Mp3 portable media players. The frequency range is between 20 to 20 KHz. The device provides two-channel (stereo) sound which is a treat for the ears. It basically has 137 mAh lithium-ion battery, which has a charging time of 1 hour and can provide a play time of 7 hours. The end shell has god self-protection characteristics, which can relieve the external pressure when impacted, effectively protecting the circuit board and battery components in the body. It also provides long term support to the headphones. The package contents of the device contains only the Earphone.


Overall, it is a very good option for all the audiophiles and music lovers out there and the device proves its value for money in a worthy way.

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