Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad: A Folding Walking Treadmill Gym Equipment!

Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad

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Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad A1 is a walking machine by Xiaomi. It is designed for everyone, and it is foldable equipment which takes less than half a square meter after the folding is being done. The folding method will reduce the storage area of the machine by half. It looks like a traditional treadmill with a speed range from 0.5 to 0.6kmphr. The equipment is made up of aluminium alloy and high-density elastic material. The front portion of the device also contains an LED screen which provides information about the exercise time and the speed reached.

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Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad A1 is a walking machine provides two modes of movement for beginners:

  1. Fixed Speed Mode for the beginners
  2. Automatic Mode for the for the people who are habitual of treadmills

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It is compatible with Mi Home Applications, and the meter data can be projected to the floating window of the Xiaomi TV through the Mijia APP.


Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad

  1. the treadmill features a high precision sensor, which helps the users to realize the function of starting and stopping without manual operation.
  2. The high precision sensor helps in the adjustment of the speed value of the machine that can be adjusted along with the change in positions.
  3. All the movement data such as the number of movement steps, the movement distance, the sports time, the sports speed, and the calorie consumption are clearly visible on the LED DISPLAY of the treadmill.


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