BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone Review : Bass in Budget

BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone Review : Bass in Budget 1

There are so many brands who are manufacturing earphones or are just rebranding the same. But, at the end what a consumer what is the best earphones with great audio quality and too in a budget.

We have so many luxury brands with high-end earphones, we have budget earphones, we have low-end earphones. But today we are going to review BW-ES1 Earphones which is just launched by Blitzwolf globally. We have been testing these earphones from about 2 weeks now and I would say as a bass lover in this price they have nailed my previous Skullcandy earphones.

Blitzwolf BW-ES1 Package


First of all, I would say I have never expected such great package that too in that price. They have nailed it, take my words, a Hard Box, then inside it, you will get a pouch that too made up of very good quality, which feels rubberish and surely going to protect your earphones while carrying to different places.

Inside the package first, you will get the earphones with a manual and some different size ear tips. Rest there is nothing in the box, but I am impressed with the quality of package there are offering.


BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone Review : Bass in Budget 2

Now, coming to the design part of Blitzwolf BW-ES1 looks similar like we see in other earphones. We are only getting angles design for a better feel in ears, and a patterned brushed metal feel at the back. Rest what we get is normal plastic. The angled tips which we get feel way more comfortable when we compare it with normal earphones one. We are also getting three pairs of different size ear tips which can be used as per your comfort.

BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone Review : Bass in Budget 3

The quality of wire which we get with Blitzwolf BW-ES1 is quite good and feel very rubberish and strong. We also get triple button outlet, which contains two buttons for volume up and down and a center button for call pic and some other functions and also a added MIC on it. The best part is that we can now control the audio volume buttons mounted on it. Black color for Blitzwolf earphones will suit everyone with added brushed metal finish at the back.

Audio Quality

BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone Review : Bass in Budget 4

So, as I have already mentioned above “Bass in Budget.” Yes, it is true, we are getting insane bass in this budget earphones. I am a bass lover in any music and take my words i have tried these earphones in my iPhone, Asus Zenfone 3, Samsung c9 Pro and quality of bass and proper treble is great. Overall, the bass lover will love it. We are getting proper treble great bass and proper Mid’s and Highs. Everything was perfectly fine, and I have no complaints with them.

Overall, the audio experience that is being delivered by these earphone was pretty good. You can try any kind of music on these earphones, and they won’t give you any complaints.


BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone Review : Bass in Budget 5

So, now the point is whether you should get one for you or not at a price for 14$ or not. Then I would say at this price this is going to be an awesome buy.

Buy Now


  • Very comfortable for long use.
  • Price is great
  • I liked the brushed metal feel
  • Best part is bass


  • Need to import it
  • After sale, they are going to be available for bit high price.
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