CHOSEN Store to Launch App For Tamil New Year

CHOSEN Store to Launch App For Tamil New Year

On the night of Tamil New Year, the popular cosmetics and supplements retailer CHOSEN of Chennai, India, announced the release of its mobile app. Both Apple and Google Play stores now have the app for download. Enjoy your shopping experience to the fullest with this app’s many enticing features and exclusive deals.

The debut of the mobile app is anticipated to elevate CHOSEN’s services to a new level. “CHOSEN, as a brand, has been highly known for its distinctive product offers. CHOSEN’s Head of Marketing Operations, Ms Punitha Vijayakrishnan, has announced that the company’s new app would be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

CHOSEN Store App Exclusive Offers

Customers who join up before the CHOSEN Store mobile app goes live will get exclusive offers, pre-launch product sampling, and extra loyalty points. Punitha said that they were making this change so that customers could more easily find and take advantage of the store’s newest and most attractive offers.

The app has been tested extensively on Android since March and only recently on iOS as well, guaranteeing a streamlined and trouble-free purchasing experience for users. The app is tailored to the demands of discriminating customers, making it simple to peruse a vast selection of items and make purchases without leaving the house.

On the occasion of Tamil New Year, the CHOSEN Store mobile app was released. It will hopefully improve the shopping experience for current consumers and draw in new ones. The app keeps users abreast of all the most recent product releases, coupon codes, and sales. This action shows the company cares about its consumers and wants to provide them with the greatest possible buying experience.

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