COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Review : Best USB Fingerprint Scanner?


These days getting fingerprint in any device is common. We are getting fingerprint in almost every phone. We are getting fingerprint in even our pendrive which most of time has very important data but why not we cannot add fingerprint in our windows device. Why need to add third part big large fingerprint sensors, why not small fingerprint in affordability ? So, to answer all these question Cobo a well know brand brings their new device in the market with a smallest fingerprint sensor which can be used in any of your windows platform device.

COBO-C1-USB-Fingerprint-deviceCobo is having many model which can be selected as per the budget as quality differs according to the price. But the best one which i loved with top notch quality is Cobo C1.

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So, starting with What is this COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Module?

COBO-C1-USB-Fingerprint--techniblogicIt is basically a portable and a smallest fingerprint sensor module. It comes with a USB port and runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Basically, COBO C1 USB supports laptop and PC that run on WIndows operating systems.

The COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Module is one of the cheapest and smallest fingerprint sensor available. It give you additional security to your PC or laptop. Using this you can set your password as hard as you want and keep it noted anywhere you want. Even after that you don’t need to remember the password just place the finder on fingerprint sensor and it will work like ease.

COBO-C1-USBStarting with the Setup Of Cobo C1 Fingerprint module.

  • Search setting in your windows and open PC Setting.
  • Open Account and click on Sign In Option and add password if not already set.
  • Set Pin also, as per your support.
  • After that get the Drivers for the Cobo C1. (Download Drivers)
  • Once you install the driver, in some of the HP Laptops it don’t support fingerprint. So, to make it work install a plugin HP Simplepass (Download Here or you can get it from HP website as your HP model)

How to Activate Biometric FIngerprint Option in Windows

COBO-C1-USB-Fingerprint-ReviewOnce everything is done, Restart the Laptop or PC you will get the option for fingerprint in Accountsign in Setting or still if in HP laptop you don’t get the option use simple pass normally and it will work by going into control panel in windows 8.1.

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If you are using Windows 10, you need to configure, Hello window to activate the feature or fingerprint option and use Cobo C1 as a fingerprint.


  • Very Fast
  • Very Small and can always be plugged in your PC or laptop
  • Great Built
  • Very decent pricing


  • Need to be imported
  • First set up take a bit time if you are using Windows 8.1 that too in HP laptops, dell and other laptops are working normally.

If you have any further query feel free to comment down below.

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