Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Stay Away From

Common Web Design Mistakes

Creating a well-designed website means more than just to make a few adjustments in an editor and hope to have the best results in the end. Nowadays, your website needs to look impeccable and you must have a captivating design, or your users will quickly click away and go to your competitors. Remember that a flashy and colorful approach is not the best one, as it could be confusing to the users and they might get intimated by it. Instead, go with a simple, sleek and attractive overall look.

Common Web Design Mistakes


Avoid Using Inaccurate Sliders

Even though sliders might seem like a fun way to pick out the range you want avoid their use. They can be frustrating to users as often they will be inaccurate and it will take enormous precision to set what you want. Rather, be sure to use fields where you can enter the values yourself, as it will provide the site with a cleaner and sleeker look from the start. Keep in mind that often the solution that looks the best could end up causing people to click away from your website.

Can Everyone Read Your Font?

You need to adjust the font size so that it can work in responsive web design as well. More people are browsing the Internet via their handheld devices and it is going to be a big problem if you cannot adjust the letters for everyone to see. Furthermore, if you have the scaling wrong as well, the website will look like a jumbled puzzle the user needs to figure out how to use. Be sure to test it out beforehand, to avoid having frustrated users clicking away and searching for other websites. Responsive design will be especially a must for e-commerce websites, as they need to provide clear and accessible information.

Are You Using the Right Platform?

Be sure to avoid using dodgy platforms when designing your website as it could lead to you having to compensate for a lot which the original does not include. Instead of using a lot of plugins to have the bare basics others include, look into what Squarespace, WordPress and Sydney-based Magento has to offer.  Moreover, the simplicity of the platform will allow for better results and a finely tuned website that will look simply amazing and pleasing to the eye.

Are You Using the Right Platform


Keep Your Site Easily Accessible and Clean

It is very important to have your website layout well thought out, otherwise it will be confusing for the users and they might find it hard to get what they were looking for. Simple and easy navigation needs to be set up to make it easy for anyone to find their way around your website. This improvement will be especially necessary if you are planning to sell something because jumping from one category to another will be often required. Furthermore, it will make it stress-free for the users to move around and see things they might get interested in and buy in the end.

Running a good e-commerce website will mean that you need to adjust and tweak your site often to have everything easily accessible for the users. Unless you make sure that the flow of the design is good and that it can work on responsive interfaces as well, you need to sit down and get back to designing it once more. Ensure that it is a pleasant experience or your users will think likewise and click away to your competitors. Avoid common mistakes by making sure that you follow through and choose a design that is simple, elegant but easy and fun to use.

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