Control your tech items with the Sevenhugs Smart Remote 🖲

Control your tech items with the Sevengus Smart Home Remote
Control your tech items with the Sevengus Smart Home Remote

Technology has surely revolutionized our lives. Today, we cannot think of living without a television, mobile phones, etc. As miraculous these techs are as helpful, these products have been in our lives. Say it a boon or benefit of technology that we have a device named Sevenhugs smart remote. A single remote for all devices. Just look at the ease, like seriously now you don’t have to worry where you kept your TV remote or your AC remote etc. Now by a single remote, you can access all your devices. Isn’t it amazing?

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How does Sevenhugs Smart Remote works?

  • The smart remote lets you instantly control any device via WiFi, Bluetooth or infrared. You just have to point the remote in the direction of the device you want to control and then smart remote screen automatically display an intuitive interface to control the specific device.
  • If in case 2 devices are placed at same location then your smart remote smartly lets you select which device you want to control by device selection carousel that automatically appears at the top of the remote.
  • Each smart remote kit contains a smart remote, charger base and 3 room sensors. Just download the free sevenhugs smart remote app (iOS and Android) and install the sensors in the room where you’d like to use SMART REMOTE, in a line of sight with each other. Add devices using the app and designate a location in your room for each device using the smart remote.


You can control lights, TV/media, speakers, thermostats, fans, locks, sockets, smart hubs, uber and more through a smartphone.

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  • You can control devices located in other areas of your house.
  • Patent Pending point and control technology.
  • Connect via WiFi, Bluetooth or infrared.
  • Till now compatible with 25000 devices.
  • High definition touchscreen.
  • If there ever comes a time when you can’t find your smart remote, just press the lost & found button on the charging base to make it ring.

Why Should you buy it?

Control your tech items with the Sevengus Smart Home Remote
Control your tech items with the Sevengus Smart Home Remote

Okay, com’on! after reading all the features you are still wondering why you should go for this device? According to me, it is the best ever device created for human beings. They have kept in mind about the total easiness that the device could provide to the mankind. It is a onetime investment and lifetime beneficial kind of thing. Just go for it!


The product is available on site for pre-order at an early bird price of 299$. It will probably be shipped in coming months. Grab it now to avail the special discount and keep your home safe.

Pre-order Link

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