Best Tool to Convert Any Transcribe Audio to Text Automatically for Free

Best Tool to Convert Any Transcribe Audio to Text Automatically for Free 1

If you’re a blogger/writer or love writing reports about anything, one thing you need is to do is keep researching the source again and again just to get enough details for your article. For example, transcribing a TV interview into a textual form or writing from any sort of video is a hectic task and it’ll take few hours. But don’t worry, because we might have something to help you out with that, which is nothing but a little Chrome Web app named Transcribe (Transcribe Audio to Text Automatically) . It’s an easy to use Chrome extension that you’ll surely love.

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So, let me first clarify one thing that many of the users get confused with. Transcribe is not some automatic video to text converter. It is an audio player that is tightly integrated with a text editor, which eases the process of manual audio transcription efficiently.

Tell me how it works?

Convert Transcribe Audio to Text AutomaticallySince it offers an audio player integrated with a text editor on the same screen, you do not need to switch back and forth to listen and write. Type, while you listen, is the basic motto here. With a large variety of shortcut keys, you can easily slow, pause and rewind audio anytime using single-keypress on the keyboard.

Give me a Walkthrough!

Convert Transcribe Audio to Text Automatically for FreeSuppose you want to insert a timestamp in the audio. This too can be done using Transcribe.  The shortcut keys provided in Transcribe are; Esc, F1, F2, F3, F4, F6 where each one of them has their own functionality.

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  • Esc is used for playing or pausing the audio
  • F1 is used for slowing up the audio
  • F2 is used to speed up the audio
  • F3 and F4 are used to rewind and forward the audio 2 seconds

One more thing in this application is that you’ll surely love is its online dictation engine. Suppose you hear any audio, all you’ve to do is speak whatever you heard. Transcribe’s online dictation tool will convert your speech into the text as you speak. Now, this method of transcribing is quite faster than your usual typing and the plus point is you don’t have to type anymore. Although Transcribe is an offline application but to use this dictation tool, you’ll need to connect to the internet. Its online engine supports all major European and Asian languages.


Note that it’s a paid app with a 7-day free trial. Just tap on the Transcribe icon on the Google Chrome New Tab page and you can access Transcribe anywhere anytime without needing any sort of internet. All your transcribed data is purely secure and nobody can steal it. It’s good to go transcribing application which makes your time consumption much less as compared to the manual process of transcribing audios. So, try it out and let us know how you feel about it. You can Try it your Self by Downloading from HERE.

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