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How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs After Crash

This happens to the best of us and when it does, things fall apart. Ever lost a tab whilst scrolling through few others? Yes. More often than not, while going through different tabs on the browser, we end up clicking on the cross (X) button which conveniently takes down the possibly more significant tab. This is rather common with Google Chrome users since the browser does not yet include the tab overflow feature which appears to be available on Firefox and Internet Explorer. Does here are some methods from which you can reopen closed tab chrome or restore Google Chrome Tabs after Crash as well.

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So if you are one of those people who end up having a significant amount of tabs up on your Chrome, then you probably have a hard time identifying them, especially when you seem to have closed down a few of those accidentally, not knowing which one in particular. This qualifies as quite the nightmare and to fix that you ought to know how to quickly reopen the tab before you lose your way.

Out here, we help you figure out just that:

chrome Now there are two significant methods of opening recently closed tabs on your Google Chrome browser and if you follow either one of these, you should have a solution.

Method One:

You could get back an accidentally closed tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T or right-clicking on the tab bar and selecting ‘Reopen closed tab’. A new tab will come forth automatically and it will take you to the very same page you accidentally shut down. At this point, pressing Ctrl+Shift+T again will take you to the second last closed tab. This shortcut is also applicable for Firefox users.

Method Two:

The second option is always a little tasking than the first one. To retrieve your lost tab, what you need to do is access the Google Chrome history on the browser. This shouldn’t be very hard to find since chrome history is an in-built feature of the browser. To access the lost tab on the history panel, press Ctrl+H or type chrome://history/  on the address bar (as presented in the screenshot below) and that should take you to the list of all the tabs you accessed previously.
Find the lost tab and reload the content from there.

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Well, that’s all there is to do when you lose that tab again. Use the above stated methods to instantly open closed tabs on your Google Chrome browser. Hope this works for you!

Amrita Chanda
Amrita Chanda
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