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10 Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android and iOS [Free Download]

You know what they say about dictionaries? Well, use them. Dictionary applications are quite possibly the most worthy apps that you could ever come across and that is valid for many reasons and Offline Dictionary Apps are adding some extra value to life as it make it more flexible and fast to use. Be it finding your way in a new country, language or ways – or even going through new words that didn’t strike sense in you among friends, family or colleagues – the dictionary was, is and always will be your best bud.

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Wherever you go, it is more than a good idea to carry your dictionary with you. That is why they came up with pocket dictionaries in the first place, that now, of course have taken the form of apps and we are not complaining.

Apps are great but it is not like we all have internet on us all the time and at times like such, it is only sensible to have a few offline dictionary apps as backup. Like everything else, you can find many dictionary app options on the Play Store in English as well other languages and to make the choices easier, we bring you a list of the top ten offline dictionary applications.

Best Offline Dictionary Apps For Android and iOS are:

1. Merriam-Webster

[appbox googleplay com.merriamwebster screenshots]

This is a clear favorite and attracts the best reviews. It is available on Play from Google and is one of the smartest apps that are there. The app lets you apply voice search which means you can look up a word simply based on pronunciation without having to worry about spelling it correctly. Merriam-Webster also brings you synonyms, antonyms, sample sentences and word of the day. The app is pretty large – almost 100MB for the Android version, since it is designed to automatically save data files for offline access. Now you will not get the audio help offline but the other features are still available for offline access as long as you download and install the files on your phone.

2. Dictionary.com

[appbox googleplay com.dictionary screenshots]

The Dictionary.com app is another free smart app that automatically suggests files to download for offline access once installed. The archive allows you to access words that have been looked up in the past and gives you definitions in both English and Spanish.
The app suits most devices active on the operating system, such as Blackberry, Samsung and other phones and tablets. You would still need internet access at the beginning to set straight the files and once that is covered, you are all set to use the app freely offline. Although, pronunciations and synonyms still remain for online access.

3. Wordnet

[appbox googleplay org.freedictionary.offline.wordnet.data screenshots]

The Wordnet dictionary application is yet another sublime dictionary app available on Google Play that does well for offline use. Wrapped with a massive lexical database that is prepared to be downloaded as soon as the app is installed, the app is well suited for offline use. Wordnet has a wide base with everything covered from synonyms to synsets to example phrases.

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Any device active on the same operating system, in this case Android – be it a tablet or phone is well equipped to run the application. All that needs to be done from your end is download and install the 11MB app and be prepared to make most use of this app offline.

4. English Dictionary Offline

[appbox googleplay livio.pack.lang.en_US screenshots]

This is a free app available on the common platform that suggests meanings based on English Wiktionary. It has a huge word base covering over 167000 words and 113000 inflected forms that runs fast and net free with only the exception of words that cannot be found offline.

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The app has a user-friendly interface and you can easily swipe through words with the touch of a finger and look up everything that needs to be found. The English Dictionary Offline 2.3 is suited for use on most phones and tablets and all you need to do is download the app here and wait till the installation process is completed.

5. Arcus Dictionary

[appbox googleplay livio.pack.lang.en_US screenshots]

The Arcus Dictionary app is well suited for all Android devices and is available for free install on the Play Store. You can use the app from any given location as a result of its broad database for offline use. Definitions, synonyms, words – everything comes offline and free.
The app will consume internet at the start but once the 6.2 MB app is set on your device, you should be good to go. With the app, you also get access to favorite features, definitions, sharing, hyperlinking and customization options.

6. QuickDic Offline Dictionary

[appbox googleplay edu.ouzyapps.offline.dictionary screenshots]

QuickDic is yet another free offline dictionary that does the job and does it well. It is available on the common ground i.e Google Play and is suited to run on Android 2.3.3 and newer versions of the same operating system. The app takes a tad bit time longer to download since it is pretty large stuffed with multi-lingual and mono-lingual dictionaries in German, English and Italian.

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You can use the app wherever and whenever due to its offline feature with the obvious exception of data used during download and install. The app is both free and ad-free.
It includes Arabic-French, English-Croatian, French-Dutch, Italian-Japanese, Spanish-French, German-Esperanto and many other multi-lingual options.

7. Offline English Hindi Dictionary

[appbox googleplay com.movinapp.dict.enhi.free screenshots]

The app is free and functions with the limitless number of StarDict dictionaries online. Unlike its earlier units, the app can be well used offline due to its huge database and collection of words and definitions. The app has the potential to translate words instantly and runs smoothly on any Android 2.2 or newer versions. The app is also extensively light and only takes up about 390 KB worth storage space.
Just use WiFi to download and install the app on your tablet or mobile and you are all set to look up words offline.

8. English Offline Dictionary

[appbox googleplay com.rb.englishdictionary screenshots]

Much like the others, this free app too can be found on Google Play with smooth running on any Android 2.3 or higher device performing on the same operating system. The app is 28 MB in load and comes bearing 15 recognized languages – Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Korean and Arabic.

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The app innovates in terms of its support extended for competitive exams aspirants as it offers them favorite options for TOEFL, GRE and CAT. This feature is included in the paid version and allows students to practice while listening to music on their mobiles.
Use WiFi to download the app and never worry about using internet on the app again when you need some word help.

9. Dictionnaire Francais

[appbox googleplay livio.pack.lang.fr_FR screenshots]

The offline dictionary option is not just valid for English but very much so for the other languages too. If you are preparing for a French paper or maybe you are looking to brush up your French skills, this app could be all the answer you need. And it’s free!
Easily located on Google Play, the app has a wide range with over 110000 words and 355000 inflected forms that can all be touched upon offline. The app is designed to work fine on any Android 2.2 or higher device and needs the Moon+ Reader and FBReader for use and optimization.

10. Offline Hindi Dictionary

[appbox googleplay HinKhoj.Dictionary screenshots]

This is yet another valuable addition to the load of free offline dictionary apps that are available on Google Play. The app runs fine on any Android 1.6 or higher device functioning on the same operating system. It is endowed with a huge collection of Hindi words, making it a pretty massive app itself – 10 MB.

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The app is well suited for new users as well as individuals speaking English who are hoping to hone their Hindi skills. The Offline Hindi Dictionary gives you a strong hand at practice and is one user-friendly application. For offline usage, not much needs to be done differently from any of the apps mentioned above, which is to say, all you need to do is get the app installed through WiFi and then use it to its potential, all free and offline.

That was the list folks, hope you have found your pick!

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