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Eufy Genie review: Replacing Amazon Echo!

A few months ago, we saw Amazon launch Echo Dot in India, which meant that sooner or later we were surely going to see the competition for the same in the market. So, here it is. We found Eufy Genie, an Alexa inspired AI system, which works quite similarly to Amazon Echo Dot but is much cheaper than it. The best thing is, if you have the smart device in your home, you can control all the smart products just by a voice command to Eufy Genie. You can control your air conditioner, your lights, fans, and almost all the products that are connected to the smart system using the latest innovative gadgets.

Eufy comes under the parent company, Anker Innovations, which is a US-based consumer electronics brand. Eufy specializes in creating connected devices and applications for smart household solutions. The brand wants to bridge the gap between the best technology and affordably priced smart home devices with this amazing device.

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Eufy Genie does most of the things that Echo Dot does but at a cheaper price. It is available on Amazon at the price of Rs. 3,999, that you can be gotten at a lower price most of the time as it is on sale. Whereas, when we compare the same with Echo Dot, it is priced at Rs. 4,099 that too on sale.

Genie is only one item that we saw available in their broader product series. They also have robotic vacuums and connected lightbulbs. All these Eufy devices can be managed through the smartphone app- EufyHome and can also be controlled just through voice commands.

How it Works

  • Download and Install the Application Eufy Home from play store or Apple Store.
  • Click on Add Device and select Eufy Genie.
  • Connect with Wifi
  • After that, it will take few seconds to connect and once done, it will start working with your voice command.



Eufy Genie is made in a circular form. On top of the device, we have a rubber finish coating with a proper circular LED light which changes color as per questions and responses. We have volume control on the top, a MIC button, and a reset button if you want to do something manually. Most of the time, these buttons are not required as all the options can be accessed using the phone application.

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The Eufy Genie has far-field microphones to hear your commands from across the room, and it also has a built-in speaker which is loud enough to hear the responses. The best part is that we also get the support of a 3.5mm auxiliary jack which lets you connect any speaker using an auxiliary cable. This will, in the end, enhance the sound output of the AI. You can connect the Genie to different music applications and play songs as per your demand through your voice command. A feature that I loved the most.

One thing which I was unable to find, was that we cannot access the messaging or calling features from it. This can be fixed by a small update in the device.



Overall if you need a smart AI system in your home and don’t want to spend more on other devices available in the market, then the Eufy Genie is meant for you.


  • Great Pricing
  • Built
  • Speaker is quite loud
  • Far Field Microphone make it hear your voice from anywhere in the room
  • I Loved the LED Light on top of it.


  • Built-In Battery will be appreciated
  • If you Ask “What is Your Name”; it will be stuck in a loop for few seconds.
  • Need more supported Device in India which can be used with it.

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  1. I think English is the only limited language it can understand not our hindi or urdu so far.
    if those devices starts to understand more languages easily without error then i guess it will become every home necessity


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