7 Cool Fresh Android Apps That You Must Check Out

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Android apps are an essential part of our life these days. They are our personal companion, our guide and our sole source of entertainment when we want. But today, thousands of apps are making to Play store every day and only a few of them are good enough to check out. And as a 21st-century consumer, you’re always eager to check out something new, something that can ease your life in a productive way. So, if you’re an app enthusiastic, you have come to the right place because we have found some of the best new apps that are worth checking out.

7 Cool Fresh Android Apps!

1. Jamboard

Jamborad is a very creative application developed by Google itself. Basically, the app is a digital whiteboard for creativeness, where you can come and draw your ideas. The app lets you create content together with your office mate and friends.

The working of the app is very simple, just install it on your phone or tablet and start Jamming together. The app is constantly in sync with the Cloud, that means you can change or add anything on the Jamborad whenever you want and it will be on the display. Well, the basic idea of this app is to bring creativity close and give relief to the user, and it seems to be doing it pretty well.

2. Swiftly Switch – Sidebar app

The Swiftly Switch is a unique customization app, that gives you sidebar apps exactly like Galaxy Edge. Just swipe right and access your recently opened apps, just like that. The app work on both of the edges but the left edge function is reserved for pro users. So, you might have to but this app if you want a true Galaxy Edge experience.

It also has customization and quick action setting that give more features like, Circle favourite that lets you make an especial section for your favourite apps. Well, even though it is not a free app but all the free features are worth checking out.You can Download from here

3. DirectChat (Chat heads for all)

Direct Chat is an amazing app that gives a next level chatting experience. Basically, it opens your chatting tabs in a side chat bubble, more like the Facebook messenger. The app opens up all your chats in a sequence wise chat bubble giving you more ease. So, if you use Hangout, Allo, Whatsapp and any other random chatting app, then this is the one chatting app you need. The best part of the app is that you can easily switch in between multiple chats without even opening the related application itself.

So, if you use Hangout, Allo, Whatsapp and any other random chatting app, then this is the one chatting app you need. The best part of the app is that you can easily switch in between multiple chats without even opening the related application itself. You can Download from here

4. Journal it!

Well, if you keep a journal and love inscribing your thoughts then you’ll love this app. The app has a very suave materialistic design and works really fine. Just install the app, log in with your Google account and you’re good to go.

The Journal app is not just limited to date and thoughts, you can also add photos, tags, people, activity and place and because it is synced with the Google cloud, you can access it from anywhere in the world. Even if you delete the app, your thought will still be there. It’s a kind of everlasting diary, with digital photos and videos. You can Download from here

5. Path Guide

The Path Guide is a newly launched app from the developer of Microsoft. The app is an inter home navigator, which is basically designed to save a path to your flat or office or shopping mall. For instance, you can record your path from the society gate to your flat, and share it with your coming friend, who is lost finding your house. It’s easy, just turn on the camera from the app and starts walking to your destination.

The smart technology of the app recognises the turns you take in order to give your friends a better navigation experience. So, rather than asking where are you? And give directions, try the Path Guide to escort your friend. You can Download from here

6. Rave VR/Rave

Rave VR is a new app from the folks of famous group viewing app called Rave. The functionality of the app is very simple, just install the app and star watching videos with your friends. If you miss having people around you and want to watch a film or listen to music with them than this app is specially made for you.

The app lets you watch videos with your friends in real-time, just like a live stream video. You can also chat, speak and laugh or maybe joke around a little bit. So, if your especial friend lives in another country, don’t worry! You can still watch your favourite melancholic film together and have your moment. You can Download from here

7. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a new fun app that you can check out. The app is very simple; you just need to answer a couple of surveys and in return, you’ll receive free Google Play credits, that you can use to purchase an application or in-app products. Every survey you complete; you’ll receive 1$ in US and Approx 10 Rs in India.

Now, before you sign up for this, Google will ask you a couple of question, answer them correctly. Once the Google Survey team approves your account, you’ll be eligible enough to get Play Credits. You can Download from here


So, that was all for this guys. Honestly speaking, we had a lot of fun trying these apps. Jamboard and Rave is one of our favourite apps from the list, the innovation is simply amazing in these apps, so we especially recommend you to check them out. Journal It! is primarily meant for Diary lovers, so if you love writing then we are not going to stop you from installing it. Swiftly swift, Path Guide and Direct chat are productive tools, that will surely ease up your smartphone experience. Google Opinion Rewards is a fun app, so if you like to earn some free extra credit for in-app purchases, go ahead.

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At last but not the least, if we missed an innovative app and you like us to check out, please mention them below. Also feel free to share your experience of these apps in the comment section below.

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