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Google now allows there users to download or we can say to export there search history which can be risky as well a useful features for some of the users. As if they make the history share publicly someone can misuse it and it can be useful as to know the different search they made and learn difference thing using analytic by it.

Last year Google have tested this feature of downloading the history of search and now finally this feature is available to everyone out there on the web.  you all might be thinking that what is the use of download the search history? but the main point is that no one wants trail of their Google search behind, and it is an efficient way to check what Google is storing behind you on there server.

This feature was discovered by a blog and it tells that tells “Google now” lets your export all your search history to Google Drive and then you can download the searches in a ZIP archive form. The files in the ZIP archive are arranged by year and quarter.

Here is how you can download your Google search history, take a look:

Step 1.

To download your search history, first you need to sign in to that account then head on over to Google Web History. Now Click on the gear button and click on download.

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Step 2.

Now Google will display you a warning as your Google search history may have some sensitive information.

It’ll be good if you are not downloading your search archive at public or shared computer. Now click on Create Archive.

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Step 3.

Now open your Gmail account and you will find an Email, open it and you can download your Google search history from there.

Warning: Do not download your Google search history at shared or public computer.

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