DT No.1 G8 Review : Low Cost Smartwatch with Great Battery


As we always know No.1 the brand is always up-to there new and innovative products in the market. They release there new products in every few weeks and today we have one of there latest product which is No.1 G8 smartwatch. Now whats special in this watch when we compare the same with other smartwatches available in the market.

So, lets find it out.



  • First smartwatch with 3 different modes.
  • First smartwatch to have more than 120 hours of battery
  • Cheapest smartwatch with all such features
  • replaceable strap
  • Extra Strap in the package
  • SIM Card can also be inserted which also make this a phone watch
  • Pedometer, HR, BP and Sleep monitor
  • Stopwatch, Alarm, Range Alert, Calculator



Now coming to the built part of the smartwatch, it is pretty solid and made up of metal in all directions. They have used rubber padding to close down the charging port which is a micro USB port, but seems to be bit long not like a ordinary one so don’t try to use any ordinary cable to charge the smartwatch.


Another thing came up over here is strap, which is made up of pretty high quality rubber material and fits perfectly on hand without any irritation or problem. For me i am having the white color strap and we get a light green color strap free withing the box. We also has Black and Red Color straps which you can order accordingly.

Overall in this price bracket i wont say they have left any kind of stuff while building the device.



Finally coming to the design part it seems be inspired from Samsung gear S3 Frontier. It only looks like S3 Frontier but now actually works like it, but still you will get almost all feature which you can expect from a low budget smartwatch.

The DT No.1 G8 Smartwatch comes with three different clock faces which are pre-installed. You can easily switch between them by holding your finger long on the display. To go to different menu option you just need to swipe front left to right.

You can also install different watch faces but you have to literally fiddle around with the watch to know the actual way to do that. I personally won’t recommend you doing it, if you are not good with rooting and other stuff like that.



To get better battery life in the smartwatch, No.1 has added three different mode which works according to the usage.

Watch Mode – This mode will disable the Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone as well as the SIM options. In this mode, the G8 will give the maximum output to the battery which will be up to 120 hours.

Bracelet – The G8 will interact with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. It will receive all calls and phone notifications. You can read and reply to text messages, access your contacts and make calls from the watch. One thing which i wanna add over here is that you can only reply back to text messages and not the messages or notification which we received using other applications like whats-app, viper etc.  In this mode, the G8 can still manage a respectable 60 hours.

Phone – As with Bracelet mode, the G8 will make a Bluetooth connection with your phone. Additionally, it will also add SIM card functions. If we assuming that your SIM card is inserted, you’ll be able to make calls and send texts independently. In this mode, the battery should last approximately about 38 hours.



The No.1 G8 Smart watch has huge amount of setting and features. To make the smartwatch run perfectly you just need to scan the QR Code and it will start downloading the application. The application is available for both android and IOS Devices.

It will allow you to connect with G8 and sync all your steps, sleep and heart rate info to your watch. It will also record your old data using which you can analyse your work and step. The G8 also has a built-in blood pressure monitor which i don’t think so is reliable in any scenario.


When it comes to testing the accuracy of the other functions, it is also not as accurate as it should be. I tested the same by using Mi Band 2, and there is always a different of about 800 to 1000 steps between both of them. Mi Band 2 was more accurate than compare to this one. But still i would say in this price they are offering too much stuff in this watch. I would like to use this smartwatch more like a watch which looks cool and better than any other watch in this price available in the market.



Overall, i would say if you want a smartwatch and cannot afford a high end smartwatch then this one is for you. All the basic stuff which top notch quality which can be beered up with this pricing is perfect.


  • Quality
  • Extra Rubber Strap
  • 3 Days long Battery
  • Display is good in Sunlight

Great Pricing


  • Need to Import (i Have paid no customs)
  • Only 3 watch faces
  • Not as accurate as it should be while measuring steps
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