There are many people who want music while at the time of there sleep. Some calm and melody music. So, cover up it Emoi is here with a smart touch lamp with its inbuilt Bluetooth speaker which will get connected to your smartphone and can produce music according to your need.

The Touch Lamp also produce dim Light which will work as a night lamp or a showcase. It depends on you how you want to use in your house.  The lamp design is simple and lasting. It is a round shaped smart lamp and speaker exudes which will charm and complements your mood with by changing colors.

Emoi Smart Touch Lamp Bluetooth Speakers 1

Both the speakers combines the functions of a speaker, lamp, phone and alarm through a single app called Emoi. Users can pair their phones weather iOS or Android or even any tablet to control the functions of the device. From changing colors and music tracks, switching the light on and off to setting brightness and alarm everything can be controlled by just a simple app on your phone.


Users get the experience of 360 degrees sound projection, with a sound clarity of up to 60DB. The speakers also support AUX port, USB flash stick or a micro SD card into the allocated port. You can use it without any application also.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Mani Kant Jain, CEO of said: “Music is food to soul. It transports you to places, lifts up your mood, peps up any party and creates a divine aura. Every music enthusiast seeks for a personal experience in a gadget that not only complements their taste but also their lifestyle. These speakers take craftsmanship and technology to the next level, offering a product that is beautifully designed with powerful crisp, surround sound. What makes this gadget stand out is the smart technology that packs a speaker and a lamp in a single compact body with a robust feature set. You’ll definitely fall in love with them.”

The product will be available exclusively on, the speakers are priced at Rs. 4,700 (Globe) and Rs. 4,500 (Mushroom) and during this festive season, it is available at a special price of Rs. 2990 (from October 5 to 15). Orders once placed can be tracked within 48hrs with a guaranteed refund option during the same period.

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