Epson L380 Review: Best Home Colored Printer 2019


EPSON which is well-known brand came out with a new printer in Indian market which is EPSON L380. This is said to be an Inkjet printer but with a huge refillable tank. This printer is said to give ultra low-cost colored printing and after testing it for few days it seems to be true to me. I took out more than 150 Prints that too colored which included photos, Envelopes and many more still I more than 95% tank was full. So, let see what all features we get in it and at what price.

Pricing and Availability

The Printer is easily available in online as well as in the offline market. As of now if you want to buy this one online the best place is Flipkart as they are offering the best-discounted price of Rs. 9,999. Not issue in buying the product just like Xiaomi. You can easily get one for you.

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L380 only weighing you about 4.4kg. We get a matte-finished box-like structure. We get a lid that can be raised and used to scan or copy the documents. This can be seen in almost all multi-function printers (MFP) nothing new out here. To insert the paper we get an input paper tray which sits on the back side of the printer. The best thing we get a separate ink container on the right-hand side, which provides the best access to it.


At the front panel, we get an Epson logo and 4 buttons that can be used to access all basic functionalities which are therein printer. First, we get a power button after that we get two buttons which are used for selecting between monochrome and color copies. Here we don’t get an option where we can select how many copies we want to do. While the last button is used for stopping the currently-active operation or if we get any paper jam or another issue we can clear it ours by pressing that button. We can also call Epson Printer Customer Support. Below all this, there’s a multi-stage retractable output paper tray where the final print stay.

Quality and Performance 

Just like all other printers available in the market first, you need to install drivers for the desired printer on your PC. You can use the CD which comes up within the box or downloads the drivers from their official website. The printer supports all standard paper sizes such as 3.5″x5″, 4″x 6″, 5″x7”, 8″x10″, 8.5″x11″, A4, A6 and A5, among others. It can print on paper up to a maximum 270gsm that too after trying pretty hard after 4 to 5 commands, rest taking a print on 250gsm paper is quite normal like other pages. The basic weight of paper that we use on daily basis is 75gsm or 70gsm depends on what your budget.


For our testing, we printed Black & White text, colored text and high-quality images on A4-sized paper sheets, and take my words I just loved the quality which I am getting with this printer. Even the cost of print is going to be really very very low, so you don’t need to worry about pricing.

For full page Colored photo at high quality, it took me more than 50 seconds to get the best result, but for normal b&w print, it hardly took me 2 seconds for a print. With this price, I think this is a very nominal time which it took.

Finally coming to scanning part which is sometimes very important to use. It took about 30 seconds to scan a full colored document. The drivers that you have installed in starting will make the scanning procedure work too.


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Overall when we consider the pricing of the printer the quality it gives is quite good. The Epson L380 is a good purchase for small office and home purpose.


  • Pricing
  • Easy to Refill
  • Drivers easy to install
  • Print quality is Quite Good
  • Very very low printing Cost


  • No Way to select how many photocopies we need to do
  • Can print only 250gsm paper easily
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