Expert: 80% Of Human Jobs Could Be Replaced By AI In The ‘Next Few Years’

Expert: 80% Of Human Jobs Could Be Replaced By AI In The 'Next Few Years'

Leading AI expert and U.S.-Brazilian researcher Ben Goertzel predicts that 80 per cent of human employment would be replaced by AI in the next years.

Goertzel, a 56-year-old mathematician, cognitive scientist, and well-known robot builder, is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET, a research organisation he established to develop “Artificial General Intelligence,” or AGI, artificial intelligence with human cognitive capacities.

Goertzel told AFP in an interview last week at Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the world’s largest annual technology conference, that AGI is just years away and spoke out against recent efforts to curb artificial intelligence research while sporting long hair and a leopard-print cowboy hat.

According to US-Brazilian scholar Ben Goertzel, 80% of human employment might be automated in the near future. Goertzel, a 56-year-old cognitive scientist and well-known robot designer, established the research organisation SingularityNET with the goal of developing “Artificial General Intelligence,” or AGI — artificial intelligence with human cognitive capacities.

Goertzel gave an interview to AFP at the Web Summit, the largest annual technology conference, held in Rio de Janeiro recently. The foremost expert in AI discussed AGI, its effects on the labour market, its comparison to human intellect, and other related topics in a recent interview.

In discussing the dangers of artificial intelligence, he estimated that 80% of human employment may be automated away even without the development of artificial general intelligence. It’s not the case with ChatGPT per se. But such systems are on the horizon and will emerge in the near future.

Replaced By AI? Who WIN?

Machines will need to be able to make large inferences beyond their training and programming if they are ever to match human intelligence and agility in the face of the unknown. As of yet, we have not arrived. “There’s reason to believe we’re years, not decades, away from getting there,” he told AFP when asked whether AI is as clever as humans.

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