Factors To Take Into Account When Creating a New Business Name

Factors To Take Into Account When Creating a New Business Name Small Businesses Need Reputation Management

Ever thought about Factors To Take Into When Creating a New Business Name? A good business name is vital for any company that wants to grow substantially and sustain itself in the long run; it is what separates a legitimate industry leader from a flash in the pan quick money maker. This is because of the effect a memorable and professional-sounding name has on the minds of potential customers.

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A name conveys an image and feeling about a company or brand that is either positive or negative. Making sure your name is solid ensures that the image conveyed of your company is good. For ambitious entrepreneurs looking to set their business off on the right foot, investing time and energy into the creation of a great business name will not go unnoticed.

The following factors below represent some of the most important concepts to be cognizant of when creating your new business name. Remember that free online business name generators represent a very real opportunity to do most of the heavy lifting for you; they are very powerful tools in your arsenal. This is important for all 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S.

Business Name Generators

Alternatively, if you are struggling to produce a business name by yourself, you can take advantage of free online services such as TRUiC’s Business Name Generator. This is one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence tools available for business name creation on the internet.

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By simply entering two keywords that are related to your business, your business’s industry, and location, the powerful AI will produce a huge number of names and associated (available) domains it, that you can browse through at your leisure and select your favourites from.

Your Brand

Making sure your business’s name is synonymous with the brand and mental image you are trying to convey is a vital element of a successful business name. It helps create brand recognition so which dictates the tone of how your business is viewed by potential customers.

Look at Apple, for example, their brand has become synonymous with luxury, which people want and they have incorporated their name into their branding and advertising so that it all fits together perfectly and remains consistent.

To achieve a name like this, it is suggested by industry professionals to focus on creating a brand identity for your company beforehand (i.e. what thoughts you want your company to conjure and be perceived to be linked to) and then work backwards from there towards a name.

By doing this, the ethos, ideals, and values of your company will be instantly communicated by your name, which will be very positive for your business.


The next factor to bear in mind when producing a new business name is its simplicity. Simple names are far easier to remember, which makes them more appealing to potential customers. Names should be amicable and reminiscent while also emitting happy thoughts.

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Think of a name like Chippim. Not only is it awkward to say out loud, but it seems unfamiliar and does not produce thoughts of anything whatsoever. All of this amounts to an inadequate name that will be hard for customers to remember if they even wanted to in the first place.

A Name For The Future

Future-proofing a name is an incredibly forward-thinking and comprehensive way of ensuring that your business is not limited in achieving any future goals it may produce as a result of its name.

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Naming a business that currently produces shoes for women ‘Foot Goddess’ is not the smartest choice as it precludes that company from extending into the male footwear market as well. By doing this, a huge base of potential customers is deterred unless a costly and difficult rebrand is undertaken.

Consider SEO

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the most sophisticated form of modern internet advertising. The term is so proliferated and refers to a number of concepts that it is important to specify which aspect of SEO should be borne in mind. In this context, the article refers to the appropriateness of your business name with search engines.

Final Comments

For more information on The Really Useful Information Company’s (TRUiC) business name generator, please refer to the aforementioned link for a comprehensive dive into the resource, how to use it, and how it is helpful.

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