Find πŸ”Ž your lost items with Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Find πŸ”Ž your lost items with Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

How many times have you lost your stuff? Or perhaps somebody stole it from you. Well, if you’re one of that person whose luck seems to be a bit harsh when it is about keeping things. Then don’t worry, because we may have found a perfect solution for your everyday problem.

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Tile mate is a very small Bluetooth tracker, that you can attach to anything. The perfect solution for your everyday lost object.

How does Tile mate work?

The Tile mate is a Bluetooth enable tracker, that means it has to be connected to your smartphone. The tiny device has a silver button in the middle, that you can press whenever you have lost your phone. It will ring your phone, even when it is silent.

The Tile mate is also a key ring, so If you have lost you the key. Just press the button in your smartphone, if the keys are in the Bluetooth range, the tile mate will produce a loud beep sound at almost 90dB. The device is a perfect companion to have at home and office.

Tile mate is also connected with the vast tile network, so if you have truly lost your things somewhere. The Tile app will use crowdsourcing to navigate where exactly is your device. Which means, anyone having tile mate comes with-in the Bluetooth range of your lost item, the device will pick up the location and send it to your smartphone.

The tile app also monitors the location of every tile, which means you can see the last place of your keys and any other stuff that you have installed Tile-mate.

Why should I buy it?

Tile Mate Bluetooth TrackerSo far, the device is an awesome product for home use and if you keep losing your stuff then it is made for you. The device is the best Bluetooth tracker in the market, with a high pitch sound alert and a good battery life. The first thing we need to understand it that it is a Bluetooth tracker, so you can’t expect GPS-like tracking from this tiny device. The device is best in its category, which is really reliable for home use.


The device is a commercial success. It is available on worldwide with a shipping charge. The retail price of the device is 24.95$.

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