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GameSir G4S Review techniblogic

Console gaming is always loved by every gamer, and it makes gaming experience far more excited while playing using Gaming Controller. But not everyone can have expensive game consoles like PS and XBOX. Playing games using keyboard and mouse are not same as playing your favorite game with a Game Controller. So in this article, I am going to be reviewing the GameSir G4S GamePad and let’s see whether this Gamepad is worth to buy or not. One more thing I am also doing the International Giveaway for the same, so do watch the full video know how to participate.

The GameSir G4s is a wireless controller for both Android and Windows that offers an impressive amount of flexibility from supporting Bluetooth 2.4ghz  wireless and wired connections and even much more offering, and customization, take my words I have never seen such controller with so much and almost all features and connectivity.

Let’s see what all comes inside the box, and you will get the Gamesir GamePad , a micro USB charging cable, warranty card and an English instruction manual.

GameSir G4S Review techniblogic

There is also a 2.4 gigahertz wireless USB adapter hidden inside the controller which means this time you are not to lose and carry an extra device.

GameSir G4S Review techniblogic

This controller looks and feels like Xbox one controller which makes it more attractive with the stylish silver gray and black color finish. It also adds up an illuminated home buttons which feel incredibly solid and press.

This device is lite in weight which makes it very comfortable to handle.

The controller feels comfortable in your hand and sits perfectly with proper grip while playing. The rubberized hands comfortably sit in the hands. The curved l2 to rgamesir-g4s-review-techniblogic-body2 triggers feels natural while you trigger them it feels like a well-made control on the controller.

Speaking of the buttons, the controller has all the buttons you want there while playing any game. I have tried so many games on PC and Android, and they works perfectly. I have even tested all connectivity part, and they are awesome.

Coming to the holder part, it can fit almost all kinds of smartphones in it, and if you have any extra-large device like Xiaomi Mi max you need to add a small attachment to the holder which will help a more rubber grip to the holder so that it won’t slip out of the controller.

Now Coming to the connectivity part. It can be connected by using numerous things like we can use wireless 2.4Ghz Bluetooth connection to connect the controller to any Bluetooth device like Android or PC.

But here I wanna mention one thing, and there are two different modes to switch between i.e. you can opt wireless dongle or can use inbuilt Bluetooth to connect with your device. You can also use this wireless game controller as a wired game controller which makes it more unique and better.

GameSir G4S Review techniblogic

You can connect it directly to Android via Bluetooth what you need to do is that first press A+PowerButton, and the power button will start blinking in green color which means the controller is in Bluetooth mode and now it is searchable via different Phones and Windows.  Else it won’t be discoverable by any of the devices.

If you wanna connect the controller via USB dongle which comes in built in the controller, you need to change the mode by clicking X+ Power button and this time the power button will glow Blue.

Make sure while you are pressing these button the controller is switch off else it won’t work.

Last way to connect it is via USB cable, It can connected via OTG in android and Via Normal USB in windows. While connecting in any way you won’t be finding any input lag while playing the games.


I have played so many games like Right Now Riptide, then this is Rayman, then this is GTA and finally a arcade game Mario one of my favorite one.  Soon I am going to test GOD war on Android and publish the same. All these connectivity option are impressive and work fine in all cases.

You can also adjust the brightness of the controller’s leds or turn them off completely and adjust the level of vibration. All things can be configured manually you just need to read the manual carefully this time.

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Rest, everything on the controller works fines, I have no complaints with this controller. I have used Xiaomi Mi controller also and soon the comparison video will also be coming.

Now coming to the Giveaway part, this is an international giveaway for all my valuable subscribers because we are reaching to about 10K subscriber on our Youtube channel all because of your support.

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All the best guys for the giveaway let see who wins… 🙂

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  1. Does the Mi MAX fit? What to you mean by “you need to add a small attachment to the holder which will help a more rubber grip to the holder so that it won’t slip out of the controller.”

    1. I think Mi Max is not properly fitted on this gamepad. And that line means that there is an extra rubber grip holder which can be attached if you have a thick phone or have a thick cover on your phone. It will give you a better grip on it.

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